How Moody Bird Pills Cured my PMS

Being a self proclaimed feminist basically means that I can't and won't accept it.

I won't accept the fact that yes, sometimes I'm a bit (more like a lot) cranky while on my cycle - meaning that when someone states the formidable "you must be on your cycle" quip, they are usually and quite indubitably correct. :(

What's funny is that I wasn't always like this. I hardly ever had the bloating, tenderness, cravings, nor moody symptoms always associated with our dear Aunt Flo. But here lately, it's like ya girl just can't catch a break! Desperate, I took to Google in search for an Aunt Flo antidote.

HUM Nutrition Moody Bird Pills.JPG

And look what I found!!! HUM Nutrition's Moody Bird pills - your monthly ally vs. PMS! Vegan and organically packed with dong quai root and chaste berries, this supplement is like the Black Panther of remedies, saving you from ALL the symptoms! 

I've had a pretty long stint with these bad boys having taken them for 2 full months now. I don't break out as bad, my bloating deflates, and more importantly, my crankiness is curbed. In other words, my hormones are balanced and I honestly just feel better.

HUM Nutrition Moody Bird.JPG

To say I haven't encountered a few naysayers claiming these pills are a hair short of placebos, would be quite the tall tale. I don't let it get to me though. Judging from how bad my tantrums and outbursts used to be (yeah, they were THAT bad), a lot of lives have been saved since I started!

If you're interested in picking these up, don't bother stopping by your local Sephora store - they never have them! Instead, purchase them online by clicking here! Be sure to snatch RiRi's PMS matte lippie while you're at it! ;)

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ♥