How to Go Vegan in Baby Carnivore Steps

So what is it about me that makes me spend boo-koos of money on my face and the plethora of products that go on it yet absolutely NONE on what’s actually going IN my body?

I’m weird…I know…

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Well, all of that is changing now! Shimmy is shaking off the nonsense and taking control of her eating habits pronto!

Last year, I went on this vegan binge for about 4 WHOLE DAYS! Needless to say, it didn’t go all that well for me! Before I knew it, I had a mouth full of bacon bits, Publix shredded cheese, lamb chops, and savory ribs from Jim and Nick’s! Because of that mishap, going forward, I now know to pace myself by taking baby steps in order to achieve my overall health goals – being as vegan as Sweet Potato Soul!

Therefore, in order to begin this health journey anew, I’ve decided to take the route of becoming a pescatarian first, then eventually transitioning to becoming a vegetarian, and finally a vegan! To help me get started, I downloaded two awesome vegan apps – Oh She Glows, and Forks Over Knives.

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Oh She Glows (prettiest app ever, by the way) is an all-vegan app that shares seasonal favorites, protein shakes, and palatable pastries too! Easy to follow, this app delivers recipe info, tips and tricks, and nutritional facts as well – all ensuring you remain steadfast as you feast!

I started small for fear of failure, so for my 1st recipe, I opted for the All Day Glow Smoothie. I used my ninja chopper-blender-thingie so my veggies didn’t juice as finely as pictured in the app. Apart from that, Angela (Oh She Glows founder) warned me about the potency of cilantro yet I refused to listen! So hear me out now…IF YOU ARE NOT A CILANTRO FANATIC, DO NOT ADD IT TO YOUR RECIPE…ever! Besides these two minor blunders, however, the smoothie was the booster I needed to jump-start my day!

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Oh yeah, before I forget, I also made this tart parfait. Tart you say? Yes, Tart! It was tart because I used Yoplait's plain and unflavored yogurt. It's packed with protein to give you that extra punch, but beware - it's plain and, therefore, has a bitter bite to it. That being said, get the vanilla flavored kind if you don't think you'll be able to stomach it! 

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To give it some oomph, I added some strawberries, bananas, and apple cinnamon grains. These made it pleasing to the eye (for photos, of course) and definitely curbed the bitterness.

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As for lunch...

Forks Over Knives, based off the movie, is also an all-vegan recipe app that lets you curate your own concoctions with the help of renown chefs and seasoned vegans. Not only are you pleasantly bombarded by so many yummy choices, but once you find the ones that tickle your taste buds, you’re able to make your own grocery list right there in the app.

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The light lunch inspired recipe I tried was their Sweet Potato Bruschetta (minus the sweet cuz ya girl despises sweet potatoes!). Now even though I used regular ole Russet potatoes, they came out legendary! Filling with a slight crunch, if you will. And get this, even with my sub-par cooking skills, the dish turned out edible and pretty tasty too! Just ask my baby brother who came back for seconds!

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Since I’m not a cooker (I’m much better at other things), I didn’t make dinner. A bean burrito from Taco Bell ended up sufficing me for the night instead. But nevertheless, I’d say my attempts turned out wonderfully as I’m encouraged and more motivated to stay on track.

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Trying these vegan recipes every now and then as I gradually transition from carnivore onward, is highly recommended by the experts and even though I’m a doctor, I’m going to listen to them from now on! I mean, I'll probably stay on track, my body will thank me, and it couldn’t hurt my pockets any more than Sephora has done recently!

Are you gonna try any of these? Download the apps and let me know which ones in the comment section below!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ♥