Yummy Buddha Belly Bowl Recipe

So I might as well face the facts - I never began my Summer Body routine, I never picked up a barbell, and my menu choices at Panda Express can definitely tell you that eating healthy was NEVER an option! I can always strive to look good for Autumn though, right? ;)

Well, regardless of if I can or can't, I'm gonna try anyways and my first stop is Buddha Bowls!

Have y'all heard of them? They are basically these big belly bowls full of nutrients from our essential food groups (minus desserts, of course!). Jam-packed with grains, protein, and every other healthy and quite colorful fruits and veggies your palate can ingest, these bowls are the most creative dish since salads. As a matter of fact, comparing them to salads is the best way to describe them. The only differences are a few of the ingredients featured in Buddha Bowls, including brown rice, lentils, tempeh, etc. aren't typically present in salads. But eh, that makes them THAT much better!

Of course, it's best to use a guide to get you started, but once you get the hang of it (choosing ingredients from various food groups and topping it off with a savory sauce), you're pretty much good to go! :)


For my first Buddha Bowl, I opted for some butternut squash (cuz sweet potatoes are FAR too sweet for little ole me), some broccoli bites, lentils, onions, garlic & sesame seeds (not pictured), whole grain brown rice, and some incredible edible eggs! Now to be honest, these ingredients by themselves are NOT tasty AT ALL. What really made them yummy, however, was my creamy Thai Kitchen Peanut Satay Sauce. It was simply the icing on top that made it both savory and more than filling!

My qualms with Buddha Bowls? Well, besides spending hours in Whole Foods pairing various ingredients together with highest hopes of them being delicious once combined, it took even MORE time to prepare the bowls! For most, preparation times of 30-40 mins is standard, but for a gal who doesn't cook...it was TORTURE! I was in the kitchen non-freaking-stop! If I turned my back, the squash could've burned or the rice could've boiled over. It was like babysitting a child! I couldn't cut it...BUT nevertheless, she persisted, right? She did and so shall I! I'm reclaiming my time and my health which means, sucking it up and learning more recipes are on the horizon!



As I continue my journey of maintaining great blood pressure levels, lowering my cholesterol, and staying fit, I encourage you to join me! Leave your health tips and tricks below so we can #FallintoFit (get it? - Fall into Fitness?) Fall - as in the next season since I wasted away my summer on Shanghai Steaks, Gouda Cheese, and Nekot Crackers! :P Blame my mother! ;)

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully