Atlanta's Food Truck Park

Have you ever met someone and it just seemed right? You know, the feeling you get when the stars align and serendipitous occurrences happen by chance? Well, until recently I haven't been able to attest to such pleasantries, but now that I FINALLY have, I couldn't help but celebrate and share it with you all! :)

atlanta food truck park.jpg

As you Shimmies already know, I spent the holidays at home - enjoying the cedar scents of my beloved city, begging my parents for their checkbooks and debit cards, and basking in the fact that my academic pursuits were finally coming to a much deserved end. These activities, as adventurous and delightful as they seem, were not my only ventures, however...

(Yes, it's story time! ;) )

Gloomy days can be the worst, can't they? :( If we're not careful, they can even get the best of us and leave us somber and just downright drab. Adamant about not letting this particular gray-day drag us down, my mommy and I decided to have a mommy-daughter-date (Hooray for those, right?)! In a jiffy, we hopped into our matching OOTD's (which weren't planned by the way), and we headed on up to ATL's Food Truck Park - because there's nothing like stuffing your face when gray clouds settle in ! :P

my way cafe food truck.jpg

After getting a tad-bit lost (thank my poor sense of direction), we finally found the place! Taking in the scene and foodie scents, we prepared our palates and opted for some good ole BBQ! Blindsided with unbeknownst mindsets of what all there was in store, we made our way to My Way Cafe.

For starters, the menu looked delectable: ribs, mac-n-cheese combos, all the pulled pork your heart can stand with the best baked beans and coleslaw to top it all off!!! Fixated on the menu, we didn't even notice Wayne Echols practically force feeding us samples! We had everything from their chicken tortilla soup to their chili bowls and every appetizing thing in-between! Salivating and overwhelmed by the succulent samples, my mommy decided to order ribs, mac-n-cheese, and coleslaw while I opted for the yummy tortilla soup.

best bbq in atlanta.jpg
best chicken tortilla soup in atlanta.jpg

Now any Southern Belle knows that you can't have good eats without great convo to accompany and Caroline and Wayne Echols (owners of My Way Cafe) certainly did not disappoint. :)

Touching on topics ranging from the weather and politics, to family, food and loads of fun, the connections and spiritual chemistry never ceased. Not only did we find out how Crusader Caroline survived breast cancer, but also how grateful they were to the Heavens above for their countless blessings and plentiful pardons. Needless to say, their charisma and charm captivated me and my mother as we left forcing back our tears. Despite it being a gloomy day, conversing with the Echols while savoring their tastiest treats seemed to make it all the better. :)

best food truck in atlanta.jpg

Quite content, we drove back home recanting our encounter realizing that making new friends are moments that should be cherished, adored, and appreciated exorbitantly. If y'all would like to experience this joy as well and have any similar stories to tell, be sure to not only share them below but also visit My Way Cafe on Howell Mill Road right off I-75. Tell em Shimmy sent ya! ;)

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully