Shimmy Cooks with Blue Apron

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cooking with blue apron

I loathe the idea of cooking. The very thought of it makes me cringe. In fact, there's nothing that grinds my gears more than 

a) racing the aisles of Wally World in search of all things great and worth some value,

b) passing 20 mins of my time cuz I'm standing in one of the 3 checkout lanes available

c) traipsing back-n-forth from my darling, Vixen, as I lug groceries in from my car

d) chopping, stirring, and sometimes burning the recipes that swore up and down they were "easy"

e) cleaning up after I've gorged my gut with whatever was actually edible

Extensive list, I know, but that just further proves my disdain!

Thankfully, like M'Baku's tribe, Blue Apron came to my rescue and eased my culinary concerns!

Recently, I was gifted Blue Apron's free box of grub after signing up for their weekly subscriptions - and let's just say, canceling is NOT on the horizon!

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Okay, so as I'm sure y'all already know, Blue Apron is basically this awesome company that makes you Chef Boyardee's sister (or brother) as they deliver savory recipes with the accompanied all-natural ingredients straight to your door.

Not only are these dishes convenient, yummy, tasty, and all those other reaffirming adjectives associated with 'appetizing,' but they are also unique too! For instance, I just made Korean Chicken Tacos...did you read me correctly? Korean. Chicken. Tacos!!!! I mixed TWO cultures into ONE dish! And guess what!?! It was edible!!! Haha (If you know me, then you know that's a pretty big deal!) Even my pup wanted some!

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Later this week, I will be kicking my spaghetti skills up a notch by trying my hand at Bucatini and what's funny is that I'm completely confident that it's gonna turn out great - just like the others! Unlike most recipe instructions, Blue Apron's are detailed in a way that helps novices, such as myself, really stay on track. Instructing me to "sauté the potatoes while the braised beef is cooking" is EXACTLY what I need because typically I cook one item at a time which, once completed, makes my dishes lukewarm at best. With Blue Apron hurrying me along, however, my delicatessens are hot-n-ready (like Little Caesars) in 30 mins tops!

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korean chicken taco recipe.JPG

Overall, I'd say Blue Apron is delish and dope! The prices are a bit steep, but since they eliminate letters A-C, my newfound peace of mind is thankful! For a wee-bit longer, I'm going to continue having them surprise me with cuisines each week - meaning you can look forward to more posts featuring me and my satiable sustenance!

Have any of you tried Blue Apron or are y'all naturally good cooks? Share your recipes below!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully  ♥