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My diet consists of early morning milkshakes, popsicles for lunch, and sharing peanut butter cookies for those nighttime munchie cravings with my poodle.

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Don’t believe me? That’s typical - I was a skeptic myself once. Then Monalene graciously gifted me 310 Nutrition’s weight loss starter pack with a few mouthwatering recipes for me to try. Tempted and quite anxious to see if the claims were credulous, I succumbed and attempted to shake my weight away - literally!

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My starter pack consisted of scrumptious chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry protein powder packets with 2 accompanying water enhancers - peach punch and cherry lime. Considering this was a starter pack, I’d have to declare, having so many flavors made my recipe options pretty much endless! Just look below! Don’t those ‘sicles look like an Italian chef made them? You can find the recipe by clicking here!

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I chose the Fudgesicles recipe in order to liven things up a bit. You see, I didn’t want to indulge in the typical shake mixes we all chug. Instead, I wanted to showcase a few other ways we can enjoy the powders and lose weight without feeling so obligated and conscious about doing such. Sounds easy-peasy, right?

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Well, it just so happened to be a cinch…and then some…! Blending the ingredients and pouring them into the popsicle moldings was the easy part. The grueling onset was due to having to wait for them to FREEZE! Those painstaking few hours were nothing short of grief-filled anguish and misery as I read and reread the many ways 310 Nutrition helps you lose weight and keep it off.

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Besides motivating you to hit the gym or your local track and field, 310 Nutrition boosts your intake of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. The extra dose of probiotics and superfoods enhance your tastebuds so satisfying your sweet-tooth isn’t as taboo and guilt-filled as before. Plus, with your meal-prep time practically cut in half from their easy to follow recipes, you have more time to narcissistically delight in your body’s transformation!

Okay, back to the ‘sicles!

As you can tell, they didn’t last long, especially when sprinkled with cashew and almond crumbles and drizzled with chocolatey swirls!

After each workout in this sweltering southwestern heat, I was able to return to my lowly abode and cool down which made my workouts that much more rewarding. And after a few weeks of slurping on them, I’d have to say I’m looking pretty darn good, wouldn’t you agree? ;)

Since I plan on making more recipes and journaling my weight loss journey, be sure to continue checking back periodically to see my progress (in other words, check back to see if I’ve lost my back fat and reclaimed my thigh gap!). Thus far, I’m loving my results due to the incorporation of 310 Nutrition in my diet. Therefore, I can’t HELP but be hopeful about my health’s future!

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But I’m not done!

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Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ❤️

Monalene, I’m doing 3 extra reps of stomach crunches just for you! Thanks SO much for the merch and opportunity to gift my fellow Shimmies some pretty cool items to kickstart their weight loss as their horizon to health journey begins!