Most Comfortable and Seamless Tights - Felina

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Current situation - I just so happen to be in the car awaiting on my mommy to emerge from the depths of her Miraculous Mommy Makeover. My organic deodorant is barely working cuz I have the AC off in order to properly conserve gas, battery life, pollution and blah blah blah. Wasps obviously think flying in and out of my windows is a necessary detour they must take to get home. I’m running low on water and pollen has claimed my sinuses as its next victim. Yet despite it all, the only thing on my mind seems to be eating right, preventing heart disease, maintaining optimal blood pressure levels, and staying in shape so girdles don’t become a staple in my wardrobe...weird, right?

Well, quite frankly, it isn’t TOO weird seeing that my friend recently revealed he has pre-diabetes, my mother was on a heart monitor, and my bones creak and crack during every bend. See there - my concern is warranted!

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But all jokes aside, getting in shape and maintaining my health should’ve been rudimentary eons ago. Revving my energy and getting my blood pumping with a quick run with Ate Ball, preparing a nutritious breakfast and light lunch to savor, and coming home from work to a quick yoga session and some much needed cardio were imperative and I’ve had NO part in it...EVER. Luckily, thanks to great genes and a metabolism faster than TMZ leaking a Kardashian scandal, my health has remained top-notch! This doesn’t mean I shouldn’t start sooner rather than later, however.

In fact, the time is NOW! And what better way to begin than with some BANGING tights from Felina!!!

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They hug my curves, accentuate my booty, move with my body, flick the moisture, and feel sooooo comfy smooth too! Did I mention they are SUPER LONG for my Naomi Campbell-legged Shimmies? Stretching beyond your typical 33’ inseam, these leggings are just right, hug tight, and keep you from getting cellulite! Ha! That was cute, wasn’t it? 

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Seriously though - these tights are my new go-to! Just like how a new wardrobe gets you going, these tights have done the same for my workout regimen and new health care routine. And what’s makes them even better is that I NEVER wanna take them off! Hence wearing them to work, the gym, and to bed too! Be sure to pick yourselves up a pair and tell them Shimmy sent ya! Oh yeah, don’t forget to use code “JAZMINE15” in order to receive 15% off your order (that also lets them know I sent ya!)! Click here to check em out!

Thanks again to Felina for contacting lil ole me in order to gift me these spectacular tights and many more goodies I can’t WAIT to share! Your kindness makes me squeal!! 

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ❤️