Scarlet Seduction

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Can you walk a mile in my shoes? How about run? If you can't do either, then I probably can't be your Valentine!

You see, Valentine's Day is pretty synonymous with hearts, kisses, chocolates, diamonds (which are my favorites!), but mostly hearts. So in order for me to give you mine, I have to be certain that yours won't skip a beat and is indeed healthy!

Just in case yours isn't however, I've left a few tidbits detailing how I lost 15 pounds in one month and improved my heart health while I was at it!

But before I begin, I'd like to commemorate my weight loss and heart health during February's American Heart Month by showcasing my Scarlet Seduction dress bestowed upon me courtesy of the folks over at GCGME.

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From the way she drapes to her versatile design, she's my go-2-gown. Besides her variety of colors (be sure to check out the misty gray) and the matte jersey fabric (that just so happens to be of premium quality), she wreaks of goddess guise. 

Because her ties are over 3 feet long, creativity becomes your threshold as you style her in a plethora of ways - even Aphrodite would be jealous! ;)

On a more serious note though, I have to admit, when I opened GCGME's packaging, my jaw dropped! The beauty of this dress by far exceeded my expectations. The weight, feel and hue all captivated me at first sight and made me look even better after I tried her on. 

For the sake of all things heart, health, and happiness, I'd highly encourage each of you to finish reading this post then clicking here to see what else they have in store! 

Now then...onto my tips!

I Impulsively Purchased a Pup

I was bored, okay? I had money to blow and instead of making it rain on Christmas gifts for loved ones, I opted to be a wee-bit selfish and purchase a puppy. And boy, was it a hefty, but healthy decision!

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Not only am I happier, but I'm healthier too! My baby miniature poodle, Ate Ball, keeps me laughing, poo-scooping, and running too! Because he's so active and likes having a healthy heart as well, we go running everyday. For around 30 minutes per day, I've got wind gusts blowing through my hair, and sunshine beaming down my back all the while lowering my insurance premiums because I've increased my heart health care! It's paw-some!

I Curbed my Cravings

In case you missed it, I recently started taking HUM's Moody Bird pills to curb my cranky! The pills definitely worked, but what I failed to realize was the the fact that they also curbed my appetite as well. 

Now I'm not typically a cupcake kinda girl, but as my cycle approaches, I tend to binge on all things ColdStone Creamery (it's bad, I know!). This, of course, leads to being bloated, having massive breakouts, and subjecting myself to ultimate unhealthiness. 

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Having the pills has thankfully cut my cravings short which inadvertently led me to reducing my caloric intake - thereby losing a bit of weight.

I Nixed the Negativity

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You know, sometimes the external can weigh on us too; oftentimes, in more ways than one and can be so darn obscured that we don't even realize its impact.

Understandably, it took me awhile to recognize that what I thought was good for me, most definitely wasn't. It also took me a minute or two to realize that while I was roosting in the downward spiral, my only "me-time" consisted of just that - roosting, not moving, and being lazy. And guess what...wallowing in those waters does nothing but stifle your health - both mental and physical.

Responsively, I got a hold of my life and lightened the load on my heart and its been incessantly thanking me ever since! :)

Hows's THAT for American Heart Month!?! ;)


SOOOOOO since you've made it to the end, I'll go ahead and keep my promise by letting you all go visit GCGME's website! After you take a gander, be sure to return here, to share your purchases with me! 

And don't forget to celebrate your most important organ by not only keeping it healthy for others to love, but for yourself to love and cherish as well!

 Happiest Valentine's Day, Shimmies

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ♥

Thanks again GCGME! I couldn't have done this post without you!