Fashion Forward Feminist Wear Every GIRL BOSS Should Have

I was offered two jobs: Professor of Economics and Economic Development Specialist of Alabama.

I chose the latter...


Why? Well, simply because I wanted to be a BOSS. Supervising employees, signing off on documents (and checks too!), while telling folks what to do and when to do it...ALL of those things and many more were all up my alley. Little did I know that being a BOSS encompasses SO. MUCH. MORE; however. 


Being a BOSS, in particular, a Girl Boss, means rising to the occasion when your counterpart underestimates you. It means having dreams and kicking ass in order to achieve them. It also means breaking barriers, surpassing ceilings, setting new records, and taking other women along the ride with you (cuz who wants to rule the world alone?).


Fortunately, with the help of Expression Tees, I'm able to not only overthrow the throne, but vogue while doing it! Expression Tees is a company that makes some pretty rad tees that make fashion a statement. Recently, they partnered with The Future is Female and made their mission a wearable reality. With quotes such as "Girl Boss," "The Future is Female," and "Nasty Woman," women everywhere can voice their opinions without saying a word!

Nevertheless, she persisted.
— Elizabeth Warren

Being able to sport these tees couldn't come at a better time too! Having Supreme Court Justice Kennedy retire, Nancy Pelosi and Aunt Maxine Waters come under fire almost on the daily, and women's rights threatened makes it pretty darn crucial that we empower one another while teaching our young women to do the same because, quite frankly, I'm pretty tired of my thoughts being plagued with the issues and ridicule we face everyday. Therefore, making strides to forge better futures for us remains at the forefront of my mind - and hopefully yours too.


Becoming the first doctor in my family, taking on a supervisory role at my job, and essentially leveling up haven't and will never undermine me being a Girl Boss. In fact, they actually provided the tools in order for me to become one! Taking what I've learned in the past and what I continue to learn going forward while looking pretty damn good in my new Expression Tees makes me one hell of a woman. A powerful woman. A phenomenal woman. A gallant woman. Help your loved ones (even men) feel the same by purchasing these and even more awesome conscious tees and trinkets by clicking here

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ♥

Words can't express (but maybe a t-shirt can!) how grateful I am to have been gifted this tee and MUCH more from Expression Tees! Thanks bunches!