Best Non-Wire Bralette Ever - Felina Intimates

“No more wire hangers…and bras too!”

felina intimates bralette.JPG

Raise your hand cuz I certainly can’t be the only one who comes home from a daunting day of work or an exhausting shopping spree at my beloved Whole Foods to immediately snatch off my wig and bra! It’s as if their release signifies comfort, relaxation, and relief especially since the prongs, wires, clips, hairpins. and overall manageability of it all unfortunately lead to discomfort and agitation throughout the day. I mean, who knew being a girl could be so cumbersome?

Thankfully, and before I trashed my girlish ways and went full-on tomboy, Felina Intimates contacted me with sexy solutions galore!

Felina, an intimate apparel company, is devoted to the sensuality of your most authentic self, making sure every woman looks great yet feels even better. Featuring comfy pjs, eco-friendly intimates, bodices, and red-haute wireless bralettes, Felina prides itself on providing quality and variety sure to fancy any figure; think of it as intimacy and inclusion all scrambled together in one piping pot of empowerment. Kinda cool, right?

For instance, this love-n-lace bralette is capable of peaking your passion sans the poking prongs, uncomfortable wires, and itchy material most other bralettes don. And guess what - it’s not only comfortable, cute, and stylish (with ribbed cage jeans and lucite heels), but affordable too when you use my discount code “JAZMINE15”. Now I just need a solution to the wigs…when ya figure one out, leave it in the comment section below! Click here to access even more!

Felina, you've done SO much for women, including representing our myriad figures and varying skin tones alongside introducing little ole me to your wondrous brand and gifted items. For that, I couldn’t be more gracious and appreciative. Thanks bunches!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ♥