The City Mouse and the Country Mouse | My Story

City people make most of the fuss about the charms of country life.
— Mason Cooley

Car horns, smog, public transportation, graffiti, smelly streets, and public parking prices ranging from $20 and up - call me crazy, but this was the lifestyle I always wanted. I was nothing short of enamored at the idea of descending from the 32nd floor of my condo in order to walk 3 blocks to work in suits and stilettos while never having another boring Friday night due to my events calendar being strewn with an opening act, concert, festival, or comedy show of some sort. Oh, and the homeless and poverty stricken turned gentrified areas? I didn’t mind those either. I merely thought of it as economic development and endless opportunity. Little did I know that with the constant hustle and bustle of city life came drama, fear, and the onset of a brooding attitude one just couldn’t seem to shake.

Since moving back to the country where Target and Whole Foods don’t exist and crime rates pale in comparison to any metropolitan area, my happiness has soared. It’s to the point where folks notice how happy I am in my pictures - almost as if jubilance oozes from my pixels and pores. I mean, who knew I’d loathe living in smaller towns, eventually make my way to bigger ones, just to return to the boonies in a much happier state and frame of mind.

I love my life now. Some say it’s boring, lame, and uneventful, but I’m at peace and I cherish its sacred space. I even take gratitude in the little things, such as my siesta lifestyle, being on time even when I’m running 15 mins late, and who could forget the safety I feel (even though I continue taking precaution due to my latest instance). I also enjoy waking up to sunshine streaming through my windows and pumpkin colored dresses reflecting the sun’s rays, my skin tone, and ALL of my inner joy! It’s splendid, I insist.

Speaking of gratitude and this adorable dress, I’m especially thankful for FemmeLuxe. They sought me out and gifted me this Orange Cami Strap Maxi Dress named Serenna (with more to come) as I matched their brand, aesthetic, and mission - to empower women as they feel and look their best no matter their journey. And that’s exactly what I’m on - a journey.

As I embark on this next chapter of my life in the countryside, I aspire to learn more and grow incessantly from within. This includes trusting my gut and realizing that glittery cityscapes aren’t always made of gilded gold. Implementing these lifestyle changes alongside maintaining my “happy” are all possible with my renewed mindset and updated wardrobe too (cuz who says ya can’t be stylish in the sticks?)!

If you were once a city mouse and now a country mouse relishing in the slower-paced lifestyle, comment below and share how you came to love wide open spaces!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ❤️

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