Best Lo-Fi Playlist of 2019’s like jazz but for millennials.
— Shimmy Sistah

“Low fidelity,” not to be confused with “infidelity,” is a genre of music that harmoniously fuses traditional hip-hop and jazz elements to create the most atmospheric, instrumental, and raw aesthetic. Consider it the purest form of music filled with rhythm’s imperfections. It’s beautiful. It’s my favorite. And will hopefully become yours too!

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I was introduced to lo-fi when a friend of mine mentioned he was listening to the late Nujabes. Curious, I opened my Spotify and dove right in. Unbeknownst to me, I didn’t realize the depths I’d reach.

Unable to reach the surface since then, I’ve drifted into the mystic melodies of Rook1e, Jinsang, and j^p^n, to name a few. And who can forget Lakey Inspired? I’d be remiss if I did!

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Not only do I listen to these ambient artists while cozied with my Ate Ball under our polyester-blend comforter (yeah, it’s totally not down-filled!), but also when I’m trying to get my flex on.

Musing over my quirks and appreciating my flaws as I’m retreating from life’s interruptions in my Warrior 2 pose with my lo-fi playlist on repeat - it’s my respite. Looking cute in my Asics Digital Print Shorts from Proozy makes it even better! To dive along in the abyss of artists that truly make lo-fi the gem it is, click here. To look adorable while doing so, click here!

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Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ❤️

Proozy, I look hot and feel even better all thanks to you! I’m dedicating Rook1e’s Grape Soda ballad to you and your team to express my thanks!

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