Best Vintage Eyeglasses if You're on a Budget

My baby brother thinks I look like Rosa Parks, wouldn’t you agree?

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As most businesses do, in efforts to retain patronage and collect your coins, my eyecare specialist hit me up to remind me that I was 2 months overdue on my annual eye checkup. Feeling just fine in my 2 year old frames, I ignored their pleas and opted to wait yet another 2 months!

Fast forward to a full fledged 3 months later, and ya girl FINALLY made it to the optometrist. And guess what!?! My prescription stayed the same - meaning I’m not quite the blind bat I thought I was! Quite thrilled, I instantly set my quest on an updated frame (cuz who wouldn't go purchase new frames when the old ones work just fine)!

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Now everyone knows the pain and agony of trying on different specs with hopes of finding the perfect frame that fits one’s face. Then when you do find the perfect pair and they happen to be Dolce & Gabana’s or Prada’s with a pocket-pinching price tag, you can’t help but wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into! Well, thankfully you have ole Shimmy here to offer a more cost effective solution!

Vintage Eyeglasses from eBay

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In an earnest attempt to stand out from the crowd and with a love for all things classic, I began my quest for the perfect pair of vintage and affordable eyeglasses…I’m talking vintage - vintage - as in donning 70’s classics worn by the likes of Shirley Chisholm, Elton John, and Spike Lee but with a less hefty price tag.

I thought they looked cool and I figured I would too, ya know!

During my optical journey, I searched high and low for the perfect pair. I googled “vintage eyeglasses,” “specs worn during the 70’s,” and so-on. Oddly enough, all of the results proved destitute. In despair, I ventured over to Amazon Prime and hopelessly left with just as much anguish as before. Without any luck, I voyaged onward towards eBay and thank the heavens I did!

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After a 67 second search, I stumbled upon these Italian beauties! While wide framed and translucent with a slight rose-gold glint, they oozed timeless affordability and appeal. I mean, who knew eBay had such deals on thrifty finds? Almost instantly I visualized myself in these with a Donna Summer wig full of loose waves, bell bottoms, and floral print on. Groovy, right?

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Unfortunately, my mother isn’t too much of a fan and my baby brother despises them, but since their arrival, I’ve received a whopping TWO compliments which can only mean I’ve made the right decision! What do you think?

So tell me, what’s one vintage item you’ve recently bargained for and couldn’t live without for fear that you wouldn’t look as cool as me!!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ❤️