4 Outfits in 4 Hours | Femme Luxe

Challenge me to a 4x400 meter dash against Allyson Felix and I’m sure to lose (with only a bronze medal, of course), but gimme 4 hours to create 4 fashionable looks from Femme Luxe and winner, winner chicken dinner - you’ve got yourself a gold medalist!

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Orange Cami Strap Maxi Dress - Serenna

First up, we have Serenna. Now if you’re thinking “I’ve seen Serenna before,” you’re right! She was initially mentioned in my City Mouse vs Country Mouse post where I realized that living in the boonies ain’t so bad after all!

Well, here she is again - in all of her pumpkin colored glory! A maxi dress with tons of stretch, Serenna is a cotton ribbed dress that’s just as comfortable as she is eye-catching.

To give her an edge, I paired her with my favorite Aussie hat and Marc Fisher combat boots. However, to soften her up a bit, you could always nix the hat, pass on the boots, and add a nude or lucite heel instead. Toss on an oversized jean jacket for those chilly October nights with a matching clutch and you’ve got all the Hallow’s Eve vibes!

Black Block High Neck Chunky Jumper Dress - Celeste

“It’s getting hot in herre, and it’s cuz I have this sweater on!” Yes, that was sung in my 2002 Nelly voice because it’s still a sweltering 94 degrees outside. Despite the heat, I managed to brave the blaze and style Celeste by accenting her with Fall’s Faux and Favorite Feature - Animal Print! But let me pump the breaks cuz I kinda have a secret…

This isn’t a sweater. It’s is really a sweater DRESS!

Since I ordered this from the UK, I accidentally chose the incorrect size which meant that bending over wasn’t at all possible! Undefeated, I figured wearing her as a sweater would be the next best option and decided to squeeze into my high rise Levis while tucking Celeste in. Worked Wonderfully, right?

Now then - any snuggly sweater that’s color-blocked in black and white is easy to pair with just about anything, especially leopard print. With earrings from H&M, Steve Madden zebra and leopard printed block heels, and a leopard beret, I looked like a PETA ad!

Black Satin Strapless Bodysuit - Shelby

Sexy in Satin was what I was going for in this number and I have absolutely no doubt that it was accomplished!

Shelby pushed me to my limits though. You see, I knew that styling this piece while taking a cue or two from Tyra would take poise and loads of confidence. Both of which I had to dig deep to find! Thankfully, it wasn’t as deep as I thought and I managed to channel my inner Naomi quite well, don’t ya think?

Before you go clamoring to the site to cop this number, however, I’d like to recommend ordering a size up. Also be sure to siphon through your clothes you intend on donating to find your trusty dusty pair of liquid tights you thought you no longer needed. Of course, high waisted jeans will work as well, but kinda like a brand new car - black on black…there’s nothing like it!

Secondly, keep your décolletage area clear. Drop earrings with a sleek pony are all you need - I pinky promise! Oh yeah, an Aussie hat is always acceptable too!

Rust Puff Sleeve Tie Detail Milkmaid Dress - Harmony

On the 8th day of Christmas, your true love gave you 8 maids-a-milking, but I bet you didn’t think I’d be one of them.

Harmony, is by far my flirty favorite! She shows off my curves, gives me a sweetheart neckline reminiscent of Betty Boop, and my legs…ahhhhh, I’m drooling over my OWN legs!

Perfect for a day spent picking apples in your neighborhood orchard, this dress will drop everyone’s jaw as they bob for apples, attempt to carve pumpkins, and gawk speechlessly. And just wait till you hit them with the versatility of Harmony. Up the ante by simply sliding those shoulder puffs down a notch and show off them shoulders, girl! Flip your hair while you’re at it!

To keep everyone’s focus solely on your harvest toned frock, be sure to accessorize minimally by using nudes and golden accents. Consider rocking a plain Jane hairdo too. Too much hair or too cute of a cut will make folks struggle on where to send their compliment, and you definitely want them on this dress.

It took me a whopping 4 hours to curate these looks JUST. FOR. YOU. which means I’m a much better fashion blogger than I thought! It’s a must that I cease boasting about my coordinating abilities, however, and instead express my sincere gratitude to FemmeLuxe.

I can’t stress this enough, but I am humbled with all of my beating heart that they reached out to me. These outfits were such a joy styling and I’m extremely grateful that I was chosen to not only showcase my panache, but also inspire you while featuring their cutest outfits.

They offer the most stylish trends that are MORE than reasonably priced. With their endless styles, I’m able to effortlessly look my best all the time - no matter the occasion. Some of my faves include the aforementioned alongside, their lace bodysuits, co-ords, white dresses and mesh dresses. Go purchase your faves by clicking here - tell them Shimmy sent ya!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ❤️