Social Media Kills Productivity :(

Not to be a Debbie-Downer, but let's face it, from the time we wake up till we nestle under our duvets, all we do is scroll...scroll...and scroll some more. We are constantly reading statuses, liking pictures, reading articles, and uploading our own content. Ultimately, we become so consumed, that before we know it, an hour or two has passed and we are left with nothing but a few new memes to share and a bit of gossip to dote upon.


So what can we do differently or how can we thwart this tendency so we can use our time wisely while also enjoying social media engagement?

Well, it's been said that if you spend at least ONE HOUR per day reading a subject matter of your choice for SEVEN YEARS, you'll become an expert in that area. Like a real expert!! Like one of those A&E interviewees that are able to expound on everything we don't know! We could be one of those people! :D

I don't know about y'all, but that sounds pretty darn cool and something relatively easy to be considering how much time (over 13 years) we have spent becoming experts on Facebook, Twitter, IG, etc.

Now being the academic advocate that I am, I can't help but challenge you. Instead of scrolling all day, pick up that book or press play on that podcast. These under utilized yet most resourceful tools are there to educate and cultivate your minds on that passion or interest of yours for sure.


Because starting small is essential, begin by reading each day for at least one week for 30 minutes per day; then up the ante by increasing your time spent reading (maybe 2 weeks)  and the duration you spend doing so (45 mins - 1 hour). I'm sure with these small changes, we will enhance our knowledge as we empty our brains of clutter and unnecessary time consuming nonsense.

So who's with me? Who else wants to become an expert on economics and international relations so we can be questioned on how to address the rising inflation rates in Nigeria and the looming issues still impeding Syria? And who wants to be the expert on helping solar panels power drones? I know I do! :)


After you get done reading each day and social media begins to beckon your attention once more (don't feel guilty - it's inevitable!), be sure to use the hashtag #iRead4One so I can see your progress and which books you're enjoying!

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Remember to Live Life, Beautifully