Circulating my Dollar for 7 Hours in the Black Community

I swear this post was previously and quite eloquently written in my other blogging notepad, but into the rubbish heap it went last Thursday which is what I get for having it nestled by a 6-day old banana...

So in case you missed it, a little over 2 years ago a report came out with some pretty startling news about members of the African American Community and for once, it wasn't about cultural appropriation. Then just what was this news that rattled us to the core? Well, it read something like "the dollar circulates within the African American Community for approximately 6 hours" (White, 2015).

Now to be honest, this was a tad disheartening. What gnawed at us like an unsharpened butter knife, however, was the accompanying information detailing how long the dollar circulates within the communities of our counterparts:

Caucasians - 17 days

Jewish - 20 days

Asians - 30 days

Talk about Bearer of Bad News, right? All hope isn't lost though! Being the lowly means we not only have the chance to realize where we went wrong, but we also now have the opportunity to detour so we can make things right.

In order to make things right, we must 1st rid ourselves of the mentality that the stats are wrong. Numbers don't lie and if they do, then my bank account balance is definitely off a comma or two! ;) Secondly, the stigma of our community not offering as many goods and services as our counterparts must be eradicated as well. Lastly, failing to support our black owned businesses after becoming cognizant of their presence needs to be foregone...immediately.

With these tidbits in mind, I took the liberty of upping the ante by spending 7 hours of only shopping at black online retailers. Now before you get your chakras misaligned, keep in mind that I understand this isn't exactly one dollar circulating throughout the African American Community for 7 hours...this is a wee-bit different. Nevertheless, spending my coins for 7 hours IS a start and should be paraded as such especially since I'm able to share these businesses and the variety of items they offer with each of you. Check out my trinkets below!

1. Head Wrap - BabaAfrik

how long does the dollar stay in black community.JPG

Running to Wally World in my John Deere hat (twisted backwards like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, of course) is a thing of the past. BabaAfrik's Kente cloth patterned and textured head wrap adorning my crown puts my ethnicity on broad display for all to see. If you can't get enough and are looking for more African inspired garb, click here!

2. Coffee Mug - Adorned by Chi

adorned by chi coffee mug.JPG

Coalescing Wednesday Addams' sadistic spirit, Regina George's risible rules, and this generation's progressive pinnings and woke AF mentality is ingenious if you ask me and only Adorned by Chi is capable of doing such! 

A company dedicated to painting your anime world in the palest of pastels, Adorned by Chi is here to slay! Go get your Black Girl Magic on by clicking here!

3. Pancake Mix - Southern Culture

shortstacks pancake mix.JPG

All da buttah! Yes, all the butter was used on these bad boys! These pancakes were the tastiest yet and knowing they were made with love by an African American owned business made them THAT much more palatable! Add your buttery cholesterol to these additional flavors by clicking here.

4. Lipstick - Mented Cosmetics

mented cosmetics.JPG

Pucker up to a nude that looks good on any skin tone. From my Henna Hunnies to my Sepia Sweethearts, Color #5 from Mented Cosmetics is sure to perfect any pout. To check out more of their shades, including their nude nail polishes, click here.

5. Lip Scrub - Ginger + Liz

lip polish scrub ginger and liz.JPG

Speaking of puckering up, you certainly can't pucker your pout without the proper lip maintenance. Thankfully, this vegan and furry friendly Pout Polish in the cozy Chai Tea flavor will help even the crustiest crabby patties of puckers! Get your lip liner and wallet ready for more products offered by Ginger + Liz by clicking here!

6. Face Mask - Foxie Cosmetics

foxie cosmetics face mask.JPG

And who goes about sporting smooth lips without their pores minimized? I mean, is that even a thing? Hopefully not, but if so, be sure to pick up this caffeine mask by Foxie Cosmetics by clicking here just in case!

7. Soap Bar - Smoosh

poppyseed soap.JPG

But what about the neck and beyond? Those parts need loving too, am I right? Get to scrub-a-dubbing (not dabbing ;) ) with this wonderfully scented lemon and poppyseed bar soap made by your very own Smoosh. Click here for more scrubs and suds galore!

8. Socks - Gentleman's Choice Kollection

buy black businesses.JPG
dollar in black community for 6 hours.JPG

I've always had a thing for Alphas, but here recently, the Kappas have captured an affinity after my own heart! And what's crazy is they may just win me over if they keep making cushiony and colorful socks such as these! Click here to see more Divine 9 and HBCU designs on not only socks, but bowties as well.

9. Crop Top - Quirk Shop

dollar circulating in black community.JPG

If Chewing Gum isn't in your Netflix queue, then we simply can't. be. friends. :| I mean it too! Not knowing the dynamics of Tracey's relationship with Connor, Aaron, Candice, and Cynthia is a potential bond breaker that I'm afraid can't/won't be salvaged. To find more awesome shirts to commemorate it's Season 3 return (please give us more than 6 episodes, Michaela), click here!


As I'm sure y'all already know, I had to stop RIGHT there at 7 hours worth of shopping and circulating! I'll leave it up to ya'll to take it from there! ;)

Seriously though, wasn't that an extensive list of products? What's exciting is that there's MUCH more in store!

With our purchasing power, I'm sure we can make a difference by either circulating our many dollars throughout the community with hopes that it continues its journey or by simply purchasing a bunch of stuff from retailers within our community and showing immense support. Leave some of your favorite black businesses to purchase from below!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ♥