My First eBook - "Law Jargonauts"

Who else conquers a small feat and feels as though the world is their oyster with a beautiful cultured pearl inside?

know the law.JPEG

Well, that’s about the way I feel with having completed my FIRST e-book!!!

I couldn’t be happier, y’all! This took a LOTS of time (mixed with fear and procrastination), effort, and determination!

As y’all already know, I’m EXTREMELY passionate about teaching folks and educating our youth on EVERYTHING there is to learn about the world (hell, it’s the sole purpose of my blog - to inform and entertain too). Well, now I’ve taken the plunge and actually created my FIRST e-book to take my instruction to the next level!

This idea came from standing in the poll booth and having NO earthly idea what the Lt. Governor did for my state and why I was voting for him in the first place. I felt dumb, stupid, less than mediocre…and the worst part about it was that I’M A DOCTOR!!!!

Uncanny, right? Wrong! Just plain ignorant is more like it. But ya know what? During that moment of bewilderment, I knew I wasn’t the only one. Hence, my reasoning for creating the e-book Law Jargonauts.

Law Jargonauts is a tool dedicated to helping you make the best and most informed decisions for you, your community, and your nation on voting day. Jam-packed with definitions, examples, and layman’s terminology, Law Jargonauts will have you understanding what each candidates’ position entails so you can vote (or run) accordingly!

Seems like a great read, right? Well, that’s because it IS! You’ll be smarter, wittier, and of course, more knowledgeable as you approach the polls after reading this baby right here! Hurry and grab your copy now by clicking below! Thank me later!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ❤️