Top 3 Reasons You Should Become an Economics Major

Why was your tax return substantially lower THIS year as opposed to years prior? Why does the United Nations continue to fuel the economies of developing countries while the results prove destitute? Is Trump really making America great again and was it ever subpar to begin with?

Mechanical Engineer majors can’t answer these questions and music majors can’t either.

But I can! ;)

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Economics is the study of not having a lot yet spreading it to the masses anyways. So it’s like taking your tax returns ($3000) and making it stretch - “making a dollar out of 15 cents.” Oh yeah, add a dash of supply and demand curves, a few derivatives, and a standard deviation or two, and it’s like you’re practically Keynes or something (one of the more notable founding fathers of economics).

But seriously, economics is a pretty rad subject. Everything from your spending habits to how the trade tariffs imposed on China will affect your purchases from Forever 21 can be explained. Hell, it can even rationalize your dating decisions. There’s simply nothing its principles can’t define. With that being said, get your Change of Major forms ready! It’s time to learn the Top 3 Reasons You Should be and Economics Major!

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Keeps you Abreast of What’s Happening in the World Around You

There’s absolutely nothing worse than failing to understand how the rise in the price of iPhones influenced Apple’s competitors, our pockets, and purchasing decisions. It’s also slightly embarrassing being unable to deduce how Walmart came to reign and practically wiped out all Mom & Pop joints while forecasting how Amazon is its inevitable karma and about to do the same.

Being able to reel-in the highlights broadcasted on CNN and analyze the most current events while making them applicable to your life is pretty impressive, while the failure to do so is naive to say the least. This is due to the fact that almost every decision you make in the marketplace and those made in the White House affect you in one way or another. And those decisions made abroad? Yeah, those affect you too. Therefore, it’s crucial that you fully understand what exactly is going on so you can appropriately prepare for everything such as your trip to Bali considering how strong the dollar is, how our GDP measures up to our national debt, and how manufacturing is a cute yet somewhat unlikely option to the sustainability of our economy.

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You Analyze Money and Bring it Home Too

I wouldn’t lie to you, I pinky promise! So telling you that you’ll make bank upon graduation with a bachelors in economics would be quite the tale. Instead, I’ll hound you to get both your bachelors AND masters in the philosophical social science.

You see, a bachelors proves you understand the subject and its principles; however, the masters proves you can apply it, which are in essence, two totally different things, especially when considering what you can contribute to the workforce.

Now taking heed and joining the 10% of the population with masters degrees can, and usually does, afford you a salary of $60K+. Tempting, right? Living that gentrified lifestyle seems more attainable, doesn’t it? LOL I’m kidding, of course, but the benefits of a more lucrative salary are undeniable (and more attainable) with this degree!

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It’s a Gateway Degree

Economics being chivalrous? Say it ain’t so!

That’s right, Shimmies! Men aren’t the only ones who can open doors for ya - this degree can do it too! From continuing your academic pursuits in Public Policy to exchanging broker information on the floor of the SEC, no profession is out of reach! Need some examples?

  1. Economic Developer

  2. Public Policy/Politician

  3. Financial Advisor

  4. Professor/Instructor

  5. Forecasting Analyst

And the list goes on…

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Because I Said So

The last and most important reason you should major in economics is because I said so! I’ve relished in the aforementioned benefits, my career is flourishing, and I’m a doctor (implying that I definitely know what I’m talking about)!

Now if you need more convincing, head here to see what Economics doesn’t entail. It’ll make you a bonafide Malthus in no time! ;)

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ❤️