How my Childhood DJ Inspired Me

Who else, on their way to school each morning, had to listen to Tom Joyner’s Morning Show? From the endless chuckles and laughter to the oldies played on repeat, I couldn’t have been the only one having to endure it all!

tom joyner little known black history fact.JPEG

Okay, I’m kidding! Tom Joyner’s Morning Show was, is, and always will be a staple in almost every Black household and for good reason too! His contributions are insurmountable - humor, insight, scholarships, service, tons of pride - and ALL for the Black community! There aren’t many DJs, or folks in general, that can honestly compare.

tom joyner inspired me.JPG

Now I’m in now way trying to downplay the aforementioned and the plethora of other things Tom has done for all of us, but what he’s done for me, by far, tops them all!

You see, each morning (all 365 or 366 days of the year), he’d highlight awesome individuals filled to the brim with melanin. By sharing their accolades and accomplishments, Tom was basically letting us all know/realize just how much we have and continue to contribute to our communities on a regional, national, and even global scale. I mean, the facts would be so freaking cool, it was almost impossible not to marvel in utter fascination.

how my childhood dj inspired me.JPEG

In fact, it made me want to be one…

C’mon and picture it with me…Strawberry Letter 23 by The Brothers Johnson fades away as Tom begins his segment appropriately titled, “Little Known Black History Fact” featuring ya girl!!!! He details all I’ve done, how I did it, my legacy left behind, and the cute wigs I wore during the process! Sounds cool, am I right? Just admit it - I’m definitely right! ;)

little known black history fact tom joyner.JPEG

Yup, ole Tom inspired me to not only be great, but notable enough to be celebrated as well. Pretty nifty inspiration, huh?

So who inspires you to attain your aspirations? Is it your mom, dad, local DJ, or how about Condoleezza Rice? And have you ever wanted to be a fact? How’s First Female Secretary of Defense or First Female Nobel Prize winner in Physics for starters?

Now having you share your dreams with me isn’t mandatory, but disclosing who inspires you to make them realities is! Show them some love by acknowledging them below!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ♥

P.S. If you know Tom, tell him I said “whaddup” and “thank you!”