The Only Scholarship You Should Apply For

Summer of '03

I remember it like it was yesterday - remixes of Chingy and Lumidee were on repeat, velor suits were a thing and if you didn't rock them with a fresh pair of Air Force Ones (with no creases), you definitely were not getting asked to prom. Sean Paul was featured on every track, Britney, Christina, and Madonna were an item, and T-Mobile's Sidekick was the go-2-gadget that would forever change the texting game for years to come! 

Now while that short bout of nostalgia made me yearn for chandelier earrings and the release of Finding Nemo, I'd be remiss to pardon those hot summer nights being spent completing scholarship applications for hours on end. 

USDA 1890 Scholarship.JPG

Like most middle class subdivision living kids, I grew up with parents that, unfortunately, were not able to save up for my college career. This made my quest for financing resources (preferably non-lender based) pretty crucial. Therefore, day and night, I applied for scholarships and thankfully I received a few offering around $1,000 to $15,000 bucks - these amounts just weren't enough, however. Unrelenting, I continued scouring the web for more and more funding opportunities. Gratefully, and about 33 completed applications later, I stumbled upon the USDA's 1890 Land-Grant Scholarship offered nationwide to poor little suburbanite kids like me!!!

USDA 1890 National Scholarship.JPG
1890 USDA National Scholarship.JPG

Boy, was I elated! A scholarship offering me FULL tuition, room and board, admin fees, books and supplies, AND a free laptop and printer - I couldn't believe it! Not to mention the GUARANTEED job upon graduation - ya girl was SET! This most definitely lightened the load on my parents and made it so the $100 they managed to fork over each month could be used for quick weaves and admittance into the occasional Alpha parties!

To say this scholarship didn't change my life for the better would simply be an understatement. Not only would I continue my academic matriculation free of debt, but also alter my life goals in order to pursue some pretty immaculate dreams - dreams I never would've fathomed had I not been a recipient of this prestigious and quite renown scholarship.

1890 USDA Scholarship.JPG

To apply, click here - it's due January 31st! And if you need any assistance or would like more info based on my experience, feel free to hit ya girlie up! I'm ALWAYS willing and eager to assist! 

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ♥