Why I Donated to the Toys for Tots Organization

I don't limit myself when I spend money. I'm a dedicated type of gal, so I don't give up, ya know. This implies that if the following were to occur,

  • Rihanna's Fenty Beauty drops a new lippie
  • Betsey Johnson sends me a coupon code
  • Miniature poodles go on sale (read more on this here)
  • Vivica A. Fox's Swiss lacefront comes in a deep part

without hesitation, I'd whip out the debit, select 'no cash back,' snatch my receipt, and simply relish in the thought of never having buyer's remorse!

So What did I Splurge on This Time?

TOYS! Loads of toys for the kiddies in my local community via the Toys for Tots Organization.

donating to toys for tots.JPG

Have y'all done this yet? This being my first year, I may have gone a bit overboard, but it was totally worth it! Making some kid's Christmas educational and magical simply gives me the greatest joy - like EVER!

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You see, my Christmases have always been a spectacle of elves and eggnog. I'd go as far as setting out milk and cookies for Santa and carrots and sugar for the reindeer with hopes they'd forget every transgression I accidentally committed that year. Filled with anticipation and eagerness, I'd only get an average of 3.76 hours of sleep on Christmas Eve - meaning my parents were on a tinsel-timer in order to wrap my gifts fast enough so little ole fickle me wouldn't notice! I mean, I seriously LOVED (and still do) this holiday!

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It's for these reasons and a plethora more that inspired me to donate to my local Toys for Tots Organization this year so hopefully some boy/girl can experience those memories I hold so near.

donate to toys for tots.JPG

Ain't I cheesing hard? My little brother (baby Lance Gross in the making) took these pics and before long he could tell I was having WAY too much fun! In fact, I had so much fun that my family decided to participate as well! We bought everything from STEM and belly dance to puzzle piece and animated types of toys - in varying age ranges too! 

So tell me, how do you and yours help those in need during the holidays? Lemme know in the comment section below so I can hijack your efforts and claim them for my very own next Christmas!

Happiest Holidays, Shimmies!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully