Purchasing a Car in 2018 | Helpful Tips

Let's face it, buying a new car can be a daunting, if not intimidating, experience. Between the car salesmen breathing their hot breath down your backs and hovering over your every move - all the while practically shoving financial literacy terms down your throat, it's hard not to get overwhelmed, frustrated, and fed-up with the entire process. :|

Thankfully, Shimmy (as usual!) is to the rescue!!! With these tips and tricks, you'll be out of your old hooptie, saying buh-bye to uber, and ghost riding the whip in a new ride in NO TIME! :)


Don't know your financial status? Well, become acquainted...really acquainted. This means you need to know how often and how much of your money is being debited, credited, and thrown at Sallie Mae each month. Having this information handy will allow you to see just how much you can afford when considering the purchase of a new car.

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Whether it's State Farm, Allstate, Flo, or that adorbs gecko, you also need to factor in insurance costs. Not only will you be incurring new car payments you most certainly have to allot for, but you will also have to make car insurance payments as well. Finding out if your current rates will either increase or decrease depending on the car you're thinking of purchasing can save you LOADS of time while shopping...hey, it can even influence your decision!

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rying to keep up with the Jones'? That's perfectly fine! Needing your new ride for more practical purposes? Even better! But whatever your use, make sure you know this prior to heading to your dealership. I say this because once you step foot into Nissan's, Chevy's, or Acura's showrooms, your eyes are gonna feast with an insatiable car-frenzy appetite that may be quite hard to appease! However, if you know what you need and what you can afford, then those Tesla Model X's won't phase you at all!

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Stay informed, Shimmies! What are the current interest rates offered at your local banks? You prefer credit unions? No prob, Bob...but just make sure you know that their policies are oftentimes different than your typical commercial lender or financing institution. Can you get 45 days clear of financing? How about 90 days? ASK! All they can tell you is no, and we've all heard that before! ;)

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Oh yeah, have you checked on the prices of the car you want? Compare their competitors while you're at it. Also, check to see how a down payment or trade-in may affect the prices offered. Are their any rebates or annual sales going on? Be sure to cash-in and take advantage of those deals as well!

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So what if that salesman is giving you a hard time! Is he trying to run your credit report too? STOP HIM IN HIS TRACKS! Look, you're doing HIM a favor, and because he as well as his dealership know this, SO. SHOULD. YOU.

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When you grace their presence, be affirmative, astute, and confident. I mean, why not? You've already done your research, you know what you can and cannot afford, and you know you're in good hands! Therefore, you're at the advantage and can now set the tone and terms of an agreement you'd be willing to sign your life away to.

Will they try to refute you? Of course! It entertains them! But don't let that deter you. DO. NOT. WAIVER. Show them who's BO$$! ;)

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So by now I bet you're wondering one of two things...

Q1. How does Shimmy know all of this stuff?

Q2. Why is she sharing this valuable information with us?

Well, to answer the latter...it's simply because I love ya, duh! And for the initial question...it's because Shimmy has JUST PURCHASED HER VERY FIRST CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Granted, I've had a total of 3 cars since the naive age of 16; however, my parents purchased all of them! :P That's right, they did everything from the paperwork to the negotiation of prices, all the way to handing me the keys!! (I know, I know, I know...I owe them...!)! ;) But seriously, I've never done any of that stuff, yet recently, I decided to go out on a whim and try my henna hand at it and I couldn't be prouder!!! :D

Meet Vixen the Nissan Versa

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Isn't she just darling!?!? I can tell we are gonna go on MILES of adventures and make a multitude of memories!! Speaking of which, it looks like our FIRST of many starts TOMORROW! Yup, it's road trippin' time as I make my way back to the illustrious ATL in order to spend the entire summer at home with my beloved family!!!

Since I'll definitely need some company while on the road, I encourage you to join me on this joyous journey to the prettiest Peach State via Snapchat: ShimmySistah! I promise you won't regret it! ;)

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully