Pride and Pulchritude in Toney, AL

Few know this about me, but before I became a doctor, I worked for the United States Department of Agriculture. This means I've appraised every John Deere tractor there ever was, and I've definitely seen my fair share of farms.

Some of my adventures include tagging golden rows of wheat, running from Holsteins, and coming face to face with the actual gruff of a Billy Goat. No matter the circumstance or encounter, however, each farm was different - some had the big red barns with white picket fences while others were adorned with scraps of metal vaguely resembling Uncle CJ's auto shop. Then you have the outliers - the farms that, like a leader, stuck out like a sore thumb to be revered by all. And guess what!?! I was afforded the opportunity to visit one just like that here recently! :)


Retired veteran, J.D. Booker of Toney, AL, gave me THEE coolest tour of his most prized possession - his farm. For 2 hours, I was awestruck and completely enamored. It's like my love for agriculture was instantly restored. From the glistening creek that reflected glints and glimmers from the sun and the blush tones of silktree mimosas lining its parameters, this farm mirrored pride and pulchritude. Check it out below!


As a retired veteran, Mr. Booker knows a thing or two about best treatment practices for our most beloved and respected servicemen. Here, he's cleared the way for a walking trail for them and our youth to enjoy. With the finest fescue, it's padded and cushioned as it provides a tranquil respite away from it all.


Yes, the walking trail seems pretty darn neat, but where it leads is even better. Towards the back end of Mr. Booker's farm is this beautiful creek. No, you can't take a dive and fishing has to be kept to a minimum, but its only because admiring its beauty and clarity should both take immediate precedence.


The tropical oasis the creek creates can't compare to the luscious greenery it nourishes. Aren't those trees the grandest? What's even cooler about this wooded area is that Mr. Booker lets both students and veterans learn more about his farm and the shrubbery that surrounds them each day.

Every visitor gets a lesson on the different types of trees and flowers Mr. Booker's farm has. Towards the end of their tour, he quizzes everyone to make sure they learned a thing or two about his farm, its vegetation, and Alabama's beauty!


Speaking of vegetation, did you see those crops? Delicious right? Non-GMO and grown by Alabama's own, Mr. Booker takes pride in growing Alabama's most plentiful produce. After each harvest, he sells half of his yields locally and gives the other half to disabled and forsaken veterans. Seriously, could his farm get any better?


Whenever you're in Alabama, be sure to pay his farm a visit, and after your adoration subsides, be sure to tell him Shimmy sent ya!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully