Home is Where the Modern Map Heart Is

Home is where the Modern Map Art is...

Isn't that how the saying goes? Because I could've sworn I've seen it quoted somewhere ...hmmm... Oh, I know!!! I must've seen it on Modern Map Art's website right before they gifted me this awesome artwork!

modern map art.JPG

For those who know me, and even those who may not, ya girl has visited a plethora of places and lived in plenty more. From the silktree mimosas that line the highways in Dixie to the Southwest's very own mohawked roadrunners, I've lived and loved in about 4 states and 6 cities, but guess what...NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING compares to my beloved Atlanta, GA.

modern map art 2.JPG

With beltways tatted by the city's most talented graffiti artists and traffic sure to send you into cardiac arrest (especially when bridges wanna just collapse at any given moment), Atlanta is the epitome of grandeur, grunge, and amazing grace.

modern map art 1.JPG

What makes ATL so great, however? Well, besides having every street intentionally named Peachtree (which doesn't make navigation hard at all) and being able to launch your rap career with a simple mention of Zone 6, the city is pretty incredible.

It wreaks creativity, individuality, and diversity - followed by an engulfment of acceptance to top it all off. It's star-studded and has the utmost southern hospitality and charm capable of putting any stranger-danger myth to rest.

But guess what...I don't live there anymore... Sad, right? Thankfully, in efforts to keep my nostalgia at bay, Modern Map Art sent me this beautiful artwork flaunting my Peach State's most wondrous city!

modern map art.JPG

Modern Map Art is a company dedicated to turning your fondest memories that have taken place in your favorite cities into works of art. From offering cityscapes and skylines galore, Modern Map Art has over 500 cities to choose from. Once you've selected your city, you then have the option of having it showcased on posters, phone cases, and even pillows. With customizable features and the entire ROYGBIV spectrum at your fingertips, your space will be spiced in no time! In fact, within a few hours I was able to create a retro-rad aesthetic with a few trinkets I picked up locally. And not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty sure I did a freaking awesome job! 


Be sure to visit Modern Map Art's website by clicking here and don't forget to leave your favorite city below! My second fave happens to be Little Rock, AR, but shhhh...don't tell ATL that! ;)

Even though Modern Map Art hooked ya girl up, all opinions are my own! :)

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully