Girl with the 2 Minute Tattoo | Who is Shimmy?

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The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost happens to be my favorite poem, but did you know that I order pinto beans -n- cheese with xtra cheese from Taco Bell even though I have my own Publix sharp cheddar at home? Grapefruit is my ultimate midnight snack, I considered quitting my doctoral program because calculus was too darn hard, and ASMR videos are my guiltiest pleasure. Did you know those things about me as well? Oh yeah, and the fact that I've seen Home Alone 2 over 413 you didn't know that either, huh? 

Well, for all those curious with the most inquisitive of minds, I must say that you're truly blessed. Our all mighty Man Upstairs has instructed me to grace you with a few facts about little ole me in hopes that you do just that...find out a little bit more about me and my journey so we can basically be Shimmy Sistahs for life! So if you're ready to make friendship bracelets and shimmy til our hips fall off, then keep reading!

1. I'm falling asleep while writing this post.

2. When eating Reese's, I eat off all of the chocolate then save the peanut butter creamy insides for last!

3. I started belly dancing in 2013.

4. I wear my retainer each and every night.

5. I won't bite my nails if they are painted.

6. I can turn any negative situation into a positive one. Try me.

7. Tanning is a hobby cuz Lupita's complexion is goals.

8. I used to steal Giga Pets.

9. After 14 years, I'm finally tired of wearing wigs.

10. My favorite season is Summer, but autumnal scents are my aphrodisiac.

11. I wanted my baby brother to be a sister so we could share nail polishes.

12. I have the worse penmanship, but I'm a doctor. It's to be expected, correct?


14. At the tender age of 3, I asked my mommy why the strawberries on the cereal box weren't "in" the box of cereal when she poured it (thankfully, it's 2018, and now they are!)!

15. I've been chased by at least 6 dogs...hence my fear.

16. I'm the first doctor on BOTH sides of my family.

17. My longest relationship was 6 months. No regrets.

18. I want to be a Little Known Black History Fact.

19. I've been to 20 states and 4 countries besides my own.

20. I used to play chess rigorously and I'm starting back now.

21. I forgive too easily.

22. Collecting memes is also a hobby.

23. Twerking...enough said.

24. Snapchat filters make me pretty.

25. I was, still am, and always will be a Belieber.

26. My last whupping was at age 15.

27. Trump hasn't won me over yet, but he's not as bad as I initially thought.

28I was vegan for 3 whole days. 

29. I hardly ever go after the guys I truly like...too scared.

30. I majored in Economics because I enjoyed the challenge.

31. Booty shorts are life.

32. Crop tops are too.

33. I'm 5'9.

34. Halle Berry was fortunate enough to have been born on the same day as me! ;)

35. I'm never quiet. 

36. I'm nicer at night and when I'm sick (or so I've been told).

37. Being bourgeois is best. 

38. I often get mistaken for 22; therefore, I act 22.

39. I'm allergic to over 21 different grasses and trees.

40. Oh yeah, I stole troll pencils too.

41. I couldn't date, talk on the phone, nor accept Valentine's Day gifts from guys until I was 16.

42. Some of my fondest memories of childhood include eating Twinkies while watching Lamb Chops Play-Along.

43. Speaking of which - I still have my Barney Club Membership form.

44. I've seen Backstreet Boys in concert twice.

45. I was born with bronchitis.

46. I, too, think I'm dying after googling symptoms for the common cold.

47. I can rap.

48. I like every color except for purple.

 49. I don't know what's next, but I do know it's gonna be pretty damn rad!

50. Yes, my tattoo only took 2 minutes to complete.

So I spilled my guts and our friendship has reached a new level now, am I right? Tell me your favorite fact about me and leave a few about yourself below! Make them good and juicy too!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully