Shimmy Sistah Takes a Chance

No, No, and No again! I did NOT take a chance on love, but if falling in holy matrimony with Chance the Rapper counts, then so be it!

So besides mastering Buddha Bowls and working out 5 days per week, one of my New Year's Resolutions was to date my mommy. Thankfully, and unlike my previously failed New Year's Resolution commitments, I've been pretty steadfast with this one!


To kick the New Year off correctly, we set our sights on all things lively, enjoyable, and fun! Our first stop was the Honda Battle of the Bands where the only thing missing was Nick Cannon himself. Next up, we crossed off a bucket list item by seeing DL Hughley in concert. As if having our funny bone tickled by DL wasn't enough, we also managed to see Chris Rock at the last minute. And to top it all off, we opted for some good ole downward dog and warrior 3 poses during our Hip Hop Yoga session with Miss Jaimee Ratliff.

Now some would be exhausted by now, but certainly not us! As a matter of fact, we just returned from Chicago's own 79th Street by way of ATL's Lakewood Amphitheater when we went to see CHANCE THE RAPPERRRRRRR!


To be nice, I'll give y'all the benefit of the doubt seeing that I've been MIA for awhile, but for the past year or so, I've been obsessed with this man - like literally obsessed. My baby brother introduced me to him years ago, so I've been following his every move for quite some time now. It's practically to the point where even Bieber has had to step aside!


Anyways, due to my most recent obsession, I thankfully (and after hitting the refresh button 21 times) managed to get tickets to his concert!!! Of course, rounding up my mother to go was next on the agenda - to which she eagerly obliged! And now FOUR MONTHS later, we were FINALLY able to see our Chano riding through the streets - we be like "there he go!


Did we cry, smile, dab, and leave feeling encouraged, inspired, and empowered? Yes! There's more to it though...Honestly, his presence...his words and aura bestow a sort of solace upon you. Surely, you've felt it as you gaze at his performances on TV and jam to his tracks on Spotify, but it's nothing like actually being there.


He's such a wonderful individual who inspires the masses and as you can see, his influence is definitely gaining traction. Hopefully, with these snippets of my adventures with him, you'll be encouraged to jump on his bandwagon before it's too late! Don't worry, I won't judge! ;)



Were y'all lucky enough to get his tickets before they sold out in 24 hours like I did? Show me the pics! Send me the highlights! Our memories will last a lifetime!!! :)

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully