Hot Nerd Fall - My Smartest Holiday

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Hmmmm on a scale of neon green to pumpkin spice, how disappointed do you think Meg the Stallion would be if I didn’t live my Autumn to its nerdiest?

I’m talking full blown cardigans and calculators - beanies and books - flannels and formulas - pumpkins and productivity. Catch my drift?

Well, in case ya don’t, I’m here to iterate it to ya! Hot Girl Summer was fun and all, but Hot Nerd Fall is in FULL effect and here to slay! That’s why I’ve taken the liberty to list a few of the ways I’ll be incorporating both my smarts and love for Fall during this next equinox! 

Getting Lit

So to begin my scholarly season, I’ve started stacking my stash of pumpkin spiced candles from Bath and Body Works. There’s nothing I love more than blogging and grading papers while engulfed in the fragrant spices of our beloved squash!

Despite it being unavailable this year, my favorite scent from their collection of Fall scented candles is Pumpkin Cupcake. Therefore, as ambrosial substitutes, I opted for Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, and Pumpkin Pecan Waffles instead! I really didn’t want to buy all 14 of them, but for Hot Nerd Fall, I will do practically anything!

Seeing Clearly

Next up, I plan on seeing all of the saffron and scarlet colored leaves in my specs! That’s right! Nothing says Hot Nerd Fall better than eyeglasses and the prettiest hues you get to see while wearing them!

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Falling in Fashion

Fall fashion, or attempting it, is front and center too. I’ve never been good at accessorizing no matter how hard I tried. And the one year I put forth all my effort, I got robbed. They took my beanies, cardigans, and booties too! This year I’ll give it another go though! Wish me luck! 

I’m pretty sure Meg knew she wanted us cozy and warm this Hot Nerd Fall, so all Autumn, I’m toting around my golden cardigan too! Defeating the purpose of keeping me warm with so many holes yet helping me slay nonetheless makes me almost certain my mother would disapprove while exclaiming how impractical it is. However, smart girls can have golden blonde and cardigan moments too, right?

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Stuffing my Face

Lastly, I plan on (let’s pretend as if I haven’t already started) munching and crunching on everything but leaves! With it still being quite warm here in the Southwest and our flora only consisting of prickly cacti, crunching on my 310 Nutrition snack ‘sicles I made are of 1st priority. And for those chilly nights, smacking my lips on none other than a slice (or the entire loaf) of pumpkin bread takes precedence as well!

So how’s that? I’m thinking Meg the Stallion would be proud of me. What about you? 

Now tell me, how are you keeping both scholastic and seasonal during this Hot Nerd Fall? Let me know in the comment section below!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ❤️