5 Ways to Survive the Delay of Children of Virtue and Vengeance

We’re at the homestretch, Shimmies! After multiple delays and endless tears shed because of it, Adeyemi is FINALLY set to release her second installment of Zelie’s (s)heroic and mythical Maji journey!

children of virtue and vengeance tomi adeyemi.JPEG
children of virtue and vengeance adeyemi.JPEG

The release date for Children of Virtue and Vengeance is December 3, 2019, which basically signifies Christmas’ early arrival, but what am I to do in the meantime? ‘Cuz in case you were wondering, twiddling my thumbs, biting my nails, and salivating over Inan’s jawline just ain’t gonna cut it! I’m miserable over here and it’s not cuz Inan betrayed my people (yes, I consider myself Maji), it’s because Adeyemi has kept me waiting anxiously to see if his spirit will make a debut in the upcoming sequels! Doesn’t she realize how hard this is for me? Doesn’t she see my pain and if she can, does she even care? Ugh! Well, in case she doesn't, here are 5 ways I’m coping in the meantime!

Re-Reading Children of Blood & Bone

As if enduring Amari’s childhood the 1st time wasn’t painful enough, I’ll opt to do the unthinkable and relive it once more!

Venturing back down Orisha’s dire demise and choosing solace over sleep knowing that the sunstone was victoriously won while rooting for Tzain’s agbon friends from Gombe sounds pretty heart wrenching and rad at the same damn time, right? Right! - thus my adamance for doing so! Plus, a refresher is always good!

Binge-Watching Brown Girl Begins

Pretty soon riding on Nailah’s back through Orisha’s kingdom at Disney World will become a reality.

Until then, I will have to settle for an artificial simulation coming to an IMAX theater near me, especially with Disney moving forward with turning Adeyemi’s page turner into a motion picture. At this rate, it won’t be long before I’m able to see Zelie’s silver hair on the silver screen! Since that’s yet to be released (just like the sequel lol), however, I’ll binge on Brown Girl Begins instead!

Set in an Afrofuturistic and post-apocalyptic Toronto, the city’s only survivors are dependent on Ti-Jeanne, the melanin martyr. Watching one princess while waiting patiently for the continuation of another is exactly what I need!

children of virtue and vengeance.JPEG

Fan-Girling Over N.K. Jeminsin’s Trilogy

If I can’t complete one trilogy, I’ll just start on another!

Friendship is born the minute they realize you’re wallowing in pain and take strides in appeasing your anguish! Similarly, my friend knew I was over here having pity parties over Adeyemi’s delay to which she questioned and was like “Shimmy, why? Here’s a bomb ass trilogy that will satiate any soul and quench the quirk of any Afrofururistic aspirant. It’s by none other than N.K. Jeminsin - give it a chance!”

An urban fantasy featuring the vengeance of a mother scorned on a classic quest throughout a dystopian society…sounds good already, right? I couldn’t be happier for my friend’s suggestion. This trilogy has, by far, kept me on my toes for nights on end - I mean who cares about getting 8 hours of sleep when you have a child to rescue? Thanks, Lindsey!

Splurging on Merch

The only thing getting ‘lit’ are my Fall scented candles.
— Unknown

Becoming ‘basic’ last year has really tainted me. Ever since, I’ve loved everything pumpkin spice and chai tea related. So imagine how I felt when I stumbled upon Children of Blood and Bone scented candles with Amari’s scent being reminiscent of cardigans and fallen leaves!!!

Coupling my affinity for Fall with Children of Blood and Bone merch has done nothing but exhaust my pockets as I wait for Adeyemi’s release. I’ve even purchased a few for Lindsey! Click here to get litty too!

tomi adeyemi children of virtue and vengeance.JPEG
children of blood and bone tomi adeyemi.JPEG

Coloring in my Personally Curated Tribal Goddess Coloring Book

It’s pretty obvious that Children of Blood and Bone wasn’t a picture book, so apart from seeing Zelie so beautifully crafted on the cover, all I could do was imagine how the others looked from the descriptions Adeyemi provided. Thank goodness she was thorough and used adjectives to her advantage, but I’m still aching on the inside (clearly).

Ergo, becoming Bob Ross and getting my coloring on seemed to be my only resolve. After canvasing Pinterest for awhile, I stumbled upon TONS of beautifully curated prints of tribal goddesses, so of course, with the quickness, I printed them and began coloring in the lines! Click here to doodle along with me!

Am I still languishing? Lamenting? As a matter of fact, I am! Feel free to list all those SAT words that are synonyms for “grieving,” and I guarantee that’s me! However, I’m getting better! As Fall approaches and Halloween looms, I realize we are almost on the brink of December 3rd. Can I hold out for much longer? Perhaps…but PLEASE check back here to make sure! ;)

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ❤️