1st Time Dog Owner | A Year in Review

“Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.”
— W.R. Purche
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Without a doubt, Ate Ball is my most poised, prized, and priciest possession. I mean seriously, he’s the best! Even YOU know this! But I’d be worse than Michael Cohen if I lied and told you it’s been roses and rainbows. 

Now don’t get me wrong, me and my pup have a pawsome relationship. He supplies my late night cuddles, licks my wounds, and even forces me to workout by refusing to relinquish my socks until after an hour of “chase me” has passed. Still, we have our qualms, arguments (yes, we argue), and bad days nonetheless. I just wish someone would’ve prepared me for them!!

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You see, everyone boasts about how wonderful dogs are, yet they fail to inform you that dogs get irritated, have attitudes, become stubborn, and act out just like humans. For instance, there have been times where my beloved has snipped at me for getting too close to my mommy, deliberately pooped on the floor even though he’s potty trained, and been more loyal to strangers as opposed to me. Hell, he’s even bit my thumb during a spanking. 

Having never been a dog owner, I was stunned, appalled. This was behavior I expected from other people’s dogs but not my own. Granted, these growing pains are infrequent (thankfully) and my heart still skips a beat or two after every continental haircut he receives, but a spoiled dog having a temper tantrum and biting the hand that feeds him Royal Canin was unheralded at best. 

On the contrary, what happens to be more frequent and bearable are the unyielding kisses and compliments received from him and passerby’s on the daily. Because of his lovable and kindred spirit, I’m blundered by endless kisses every hour ON the hour! As a matter of fact, makeup wipes don’t stand a chance against this beloved beast! Before I know it, ALL of my Lancôme has been wiped clean with only mascara left! 

And don’t let me turn a corner with him in tow...folks come from blocks around to gawk, take pictures with and pet my pup. A guy even cried once!!! People are so enamored, it makes me wonder if I’m even attractive anymore! 

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Don’t worry, my self-esteem is still intact due to the costs incurred to perfect my pretty, but keeping Ate Ball comparable requires maintenance and money too! Therefore, all of my curly haired currency goes towards keeping him fluffy. Not to mention his dietary requirements and health insurance too. Thankfully, folks DID prep me on the cost of dogs and their upkeep despite the fact that my pockets seem to forget from time to time. 

Hmmmm...let me think of what else I’ve learned throughout this year...

Oh yeah, that I have LOTS of love to give!

My heart was never 2 sizes too small, but it’s like I can’t seem to go 3 minutes without professing my love for my metaphorical dope dealer and squeezing him to show it. I sincerely do love and care for him. He’s my world and I’d dive to the thalassic depths of the ocean in order to prove it (I used thalassic cuz it’s the word of the day!). 

All in all, I’ve had a pretty incredible journey with my little one. Would I impulsively purchase him again? Without a doubt! Would I suggest you do the same if you’re contemplating getting a dog? Certainly! - just reread my post before ya do! :) 

If you’re a dog owner, tell me how your first year of adjusting to your furry-4-pawed friend fared out! I’m anxious to see if we have any similarities! 

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ❤️