5 Alternative Gifts to get your Mom this Mother’s Day

Typical just doesn’t cut it. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of 5 Alternative Gifts to get your Mom this Mother’s Day.

Venus et Fleur

Bouquets last for how long? Around a week, maybe longer if you’re lucky. For those who aren’t so lucky, however, excessive pruning and rewatering becomes the thing to do throughout that limited duration with hopes of extending the bouquets’ shelf life.

Instead, gift these forever roses that last UP TO A YEAR! Impressive, right? Right! Click here to gift her these so she will always be reminded of your love till it’s time to get her more gifts next year!

Pole Dancing Course

Waltzes are overrated, cotillions are too polished, and line dancing, albeit fun, is played out. But pole dancing is neither!! Get her sexy back by booking her a pole dancing class! Filled with femininity, empowerment, and rhythm, pole dancing courses are safe spaces where women can be their most bodacious selves! I should know...I took my mommy to one! ;) Click here to see courses available in your area!

Steven Singer

You got her a necklace last year! Stop it already! Get her something ELSE gilded in gold - a rose! I was gifted one of these and honestly, I felt like I won the lottery. Not only did my jaw drop from being thrown for a loop cuz such a thing existed, but it was so stinking beautiful too! The grandeur of it all simply stunned and floored me! Click here so your mommy can have the same reaction!

Apple Info Course

Who else has a mommy that sometimes fumbles at the fingertips on how to navigate her iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or MacBook Pro? You’ve taught her how to screenshot yet she just can’t seem to get it right! You attempt to help again and again- you even FaceTime her to assist, but sometimes that can be just as cumbersome! Sign her up for an Apple Course, why don’t ya!? It’s free so you can splurge on other items to make her day one for the books! Click here for more info!

Laser Hair Removal

Who wants chin hairs? I know I don’t! And guess what?! Neither does my mommy! Unfortunately, as women age, we begin to produce a bit too much testosterone, thus creating goatees galore! This should be ALL the reason you need to be her respite by saving her from her 5 o’clock shadow. Help her beard be-gone by booking her an appt with her nearest laser hair treatment removal center by clicking here!

Mommy Makeover - BBL & Tummy Tuck

Where my ballers at?? For those of you who have won the most recent $750 mil Powerball or have student loan refund checks just laying around, your mommy will thank you! Snap and snatch her body back into place by gifting her the ULTIMATE gift - a full body transformation done by none other than Dr. Miami!! Don’t forget to send me before and after pics! Click here for his prices!

I know, I know, I know - it’s an awesome curated list that you couldn’t have done without! I get it! Now stop reading and get to gifting!! Thank me later!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ❤️