A New Year Redo for 2019

My area code is 404, I know the choruses to most of Cardi B’s songs, and I battle rap. This makes me hood, right? Wrong.

Therefore, my mantra, “Hood and Holy ALL 2019,” should be revised as a result.

new year new me 2019.JPG

Despite my unfortunate New Years, I’m making it. Sprinkled with a few solemn days, my weeks, for the most part, have been happy…filled with joys bestowed from family, friends, and memes. And those late night cuddles with my Ate Ball - yeah, those helped too!

Now if you’ve heard rumors about me or have been following my blog for quite sometime, then you know that I am one of the BIGGEST proponents of believing that what you speak into the universe will faithfully make its debut. For this reason, I’m behooved as to why I opted to claim and verbally annunciate a year of both Hood and Holiness for 2019’s entirety. Baffling, right? What’s even crazier is the fact that the “hood” portion hit me like a Georgia red clay brick on NEW YEAR’S DAY!!!

2019 new year new me.JPG

This is why I’m doing a redo - a New Year “redo.” Instead of trying to be something I’m not and relishing in a lifestyle I never have been and won’t ever be ready for, I will loudly re-exclaim 2019 to be “Intuitive and Fortune-Filled.” And if it’s anything but, I’m simply not receiving it. This implies that glorified negativity, bad vibes, and failure aren’t welcome.

Shimmies, please beware and take heed to the energies you’re emitting into the universe. I serve as a testament to always receiving what I declare and this unfortunate time was coincidentally no different. Thankfully, I know that incident won’t be indicative of my 2019 nor years to come. A minor setback, perhaps; but symbolic? I think not.

*Happiest ‘redo’ New Years to You and Yours*

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully (and safely too!) ♥