I got Robbed on New Year's Day

I’ve never been a victim…until now.

robbery on new years.JPG

Besides my birthday and Christmas, New Years happens to be my 3rd favorite holiday to celebrate. It’s a time for reflection filled with renewed hopes of what’s to come - not to mention the sequined adorned frocks, cherry red lippies, and champagne glasses filled to the brim with enough moscato to make finding your midnight kiss that much easier.

…so let’s start from the top.

Each year I begin planning my festivities in October and 2018 was no different. I sent mass texts letting everyone know that the Westin in Downtown ATL was going to be the spot; therefore, hurried reservations and confirmations would be most appreciated. With plans set in stone, the only thing left to do was to set my sights on a dress as sparkly as Pellegrino - nothing a small trip to Macy*s couldn’t fix.

October and November flew by, so here we are - a good two weeks from the big day. I live in Alabama and my job fortunately grants me a few weeks of leave for Christmas leading into New Years. Keeping this in mind, I packed 2 weeks worth of clothes, shoes, trinkets, beauty products, etc. in order to last me the entire duration while in ATL for the holidays. I also brought along ALL of my blogging equipment and electronics just in case I had time to post or have photoshoots with the baby bro.

Basically, I packed a lot.

A (whole) lot.

What’s funny is that I always pack this way failing to truly realize the value and volume of everything I have. And while I feel especially foolish for being so shortsighted, I know I’m not the only one. Bloggers, vloggers, and your everyday girl typically pack and haul around goo-gobs of  unnecessary “just in case” items when they travel. You know the ones:

  • “just in case” I spend the night, let me take an extra set of PJs

  • “just in case” I go to the club, let me bring my stilettos in addition to my 5 pairs of shoes already packed

  • “just in case” I see so-n-so, let me pack that cute LBD

Some items we end up using, yet most we don’t.

…but I digress.

At last New Year’s Eve has finally arrived. Leaving my mommy’s house, I made my way to the hotel with everything hidden (or so I thought) in the backseat and hatchback areas of my car. Taking note that it was 4 of us sharing a suite, I decided to take in 1 suitcase that held everything I would need for the night’s festivities and leave the rest in the car.

As dusk settled and the lights dimmed, I partied the night away. I brought the New Year in as any anticipant optimist would - in great spirits. In fact, I had SO much fun that I decided to extend my stay, so I would have ample time to recuperate and prepare for my drive back to Dixie. What’s the harm in that, right?

Well, I woke up January 2nd at 4 am to get an early start on the road ahead, checked out of the hotel, and headed to the parking deck. With haste, I moseyed to my car, popped the hatchback, and peered inside.

I saw nothing.


The luggage I’m certain I packed wasn’t there. My book bag was no where to be found and the blanket used to cover it all was strewn everywhere. In a state of confusion, I peered inside even more (with earnest hopes that if I looked harder, everything would reappear). Nothing. I extended my arms as if I could somehow “feel” them back to existence. Nothing. Then the realization of “I’ve been robbed” set in.

Defeated and heartbroken, I sauntered back to the driver’s side and that’s when I saw it - the damage. Instead of breaking my car windows, the thieves opted for a less evasive approach by resorting to picking my lock which I guess I’m grateful for since things could’ve been a lot worse. Abashedly, I drove away feeling violated and full of disbelief. Biting the bullet and coming to grips with the unfortunate incident, I went ahead and admitted my carelessness to my mother, the cops, and good ole State Farm.

…what all did they take?

I’m quite reluctant to admit it, but they took everything. Everything. To my surprise, it just so happens that my most valuable possessions were on me (or in my car per se). From my MacBook Pro and black diamonds to my W2’s and DSLR camera, my most prized possessions were neatly packed in that 4 piece luggage set.

Now I know you’re asking me all sorts of questions, such as

  • Why did you have all of that on you?

  • Why didn’t you take everything with you inside the hotel?

  • How could you be so naive/foolish?

For starters, as a blogger and online professor, I tote around my laptop, camera, and other electronics on the daily. Being able to catch a candid shot and readily respond to a student’s query are always at the forefront of my mind. Secondly, because it was going to be 4 of us in the hotel, I didn’t want space, or lack thereof, to be of concern. Lastly, I’m well aware of the crime rates of ATL, you just never think you’d ever be included in that statistic, ya know?

…lessons learned.

As a rule of thumb, we must all be more conscientious and mindful of our surroundings, attuned to our gut instincts, and cognizant of the fact that the unsavory are out there. Moreover, as a note to my fellow creatives, we carry LOTS of expensive equipment on us; therefore, taking precaution and going the extra mile to make sure it’s safe and insured is critical. Furthermore, realizing the value of everything you own comes at two points in our lives - when we purchase those items and the moment they are taken away. Finally, I lost an insane amount of belongings, but the one that holds the most intrinsic value to myself and a few others, I, fortunately, still have - my life.

Despite this mishap, I’m pretty damn confident that 2019 will be a grand year. Being downtrodden and sullen ain’t my style, and my teeth are far too white not to smile and show them off; therefore, I’m reassured I have MUCH brighter and happier days to look forward to.

If you made it THIS far, I thank you, but go ahead and reward yourself by telling me a few of your resolutions and everything you’re looking forward to this year!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully (& safely) ♥