New Year-New Hairdo | Wig Review

"I decided to just get color #1 because its Fall and I wanted something dark to soul?" - Mother Scorpio 

I have to admit that this wasn't the review that convinced me to drop the guap and purchase this wig, but it definitely made me giggle with delight!

harlem 125 fls11 wig.JPG

So now that we have our souls out of the way, let's hop right into this wig review! 

Not to be confused with Eddie Murphy's timeless cinematic classic, Harlem Nights, Harlem 125's FLS11 wig is one for the books - romance books, thrillers, and mysteries too! With beach waves, 22 inches of length, highlights, and density to match, this wig will surely kick your Twenty Great-Teen into high gear as you start off your year anew!

For starters, I could be incorrect, even though I am a doctor (wink), but I'm pretty sure Harlem 125 is a relatively new wig brand. Most of its lace fronts, including this one, have 4x4 parting space, Swiss lace, and some of the softest synthetic fibers you could ever run your fingers through. Moreover, the colors offered happen to mimic professional dye jobs. From balayage highlights to sun kissed undertones, expect to be uh-mazed at the vivid variety of colors that will look good on both my mochas and my lattes! (I happen to have color SGD 2276.)

harlem 125 fls11.JPG

Typical cap construction with the 2 prongs in the front and adjustable straps in the back come standard similar to what other brands feature nowadays. Contrary to its counterparts, however, Harlem 125 broke the mold by constructing their caps with the 4x4 parting space minus the huge burgeoning hump that usually comes with it. That's right, the front, middle, and sides of this beaut all lay flat and quite comfortably too giving this wig versatility, a more realistic appearance, and comfort. 

balayage highlights for black girls.JPG
balayage highlights in wigs.JPG

Was there shedding? A little - which was to be expected once the lace was cut. Did more shedding occur after that initial snip-snip? Nope, cuz Harlem don't play dat (comment below if you binge on In living Color like me)!!! Were tons of compliments received? Uh duh! I looked great; therefore, my confidence beamed. People noticed and, of course, showered me with loads of love!

harlem 125 fls11 wig.JPG

Seriously though, GO. BUY. THIS. WIG. The price was extremely affordable @ $38.99, it blended with my hair naturally, had a comfortable fit that could easily be adjusted if need be, and the tendrils draped oh-so nicely - framing my face while giving me candied fairy vibes! What do I mean, you inquire? I mean I literally felt like the Black Tinkerbell capable of dousing Black Girl Glimmer all over my pup, you, and everyone else! Oh yeah, isn't my pup just darling? His name is Ate Ball and I love him to pieces even though he cost me around...hmmm let's just say I have no arms nor legs left! ;)

harlem125 fls11 wig.JPG


If you happened to spend a lot of money on a precious pup, comment below so I won't feel so left out and be sure to brighten my day even more by trying out this darn wig! Here's where I ordered mine!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully

Shout out to the Baby Bro rocking with the Zoom Lens on our Nikon D3200! Love you!