The Fountain of Truth | Age Defying Serums

My baby brother is 21 and I'm ummmmmmm...older! ;) None of that matters though because here lately we've been approached by the most random of individuals questioning us about our status...relationship status! :P

That's right! People think I'm a mere youngin' (who's taken by her *cough* brother) and I can't help but attribute it to the fact that for the past 3 months, I've been using both Juice Beauty's Blemish Clearing Serum and Murad's Advanced Acne & Wrinkle Reducer. These products are golden, y'all! Like seriously, they can easily be deemed the go-to products for looking prepubescent so you get carded EVERYWHERE you go! ;)

Juice Beauty's Blemish Clearing Serum

For all those wondering, I recently moved back to ole Alabama in hot pursuit of a career change. Upon arrival, my skin INSTANTLY regretted it, however! Yes, my once clear skin is still 'kinda' clear, but blemishes have begun to make their debut like an unreleased album! It's pure craziness! Thankfully, I ventured on over to Ulta and found Juice Beauty's Blemish Clearing Serum.


Made with certified organic ingredients, this serum has a "juicy" yet "medicinal" feel. I'm pretty sure the "juicy" feel is due to its ingredients being primarily fruity acids with a few extras, including CoQ10 and salicylic acid. The "medicinal" feel stems from the fact that it's extremely light-weight and has the little glass dropper used for application.

The directions state that you are to apply it twice per day, but since I like to let my face breathe at night, I only apply it in the morning. Is it a pain to rub in? If you apply too much to your face, YES! Since it's a serum, you must be careful with how much you apply. Keep in mind, and as a quick tip, you can always let it air dry for about 30-50 seconds as you finish getting ready. That seems to always do the trick!

Now you cannot, and I mean cannot, wear makeup with this stuff. You can try, but do so at your own discretion. Because of its hydrating qualities and the fact that it feels like it's "working," it's kinda hard to smudge makeup on top. I sincerely believe that you would feel weighed down and sticky while also hindering it from doing it's job.

As far as the results are concerned - I'm pretty pleased! I wouldn't say it gets rid of my blemishes (hyper-pigmentation), but it definitely plays a role in keeping current and future acne at bay. I have been diligently using this product for 3 months now and unless it's that "time of the month," I can honestly say I don't have any flare-ups. :)

Murad's Advanced Acne & Wrinkle Reducer

With a serum-like feel, this cream is light-weight and jam-packed with salicylic acid ready to fight off and prevent acne.

As stated I stated before, I'm a rebel and only use these products in the morning! ;) Therefore, after scrub-a-dubbing my face till it's squeaky clean with my trusted African Black Soap and applying Juice Beauty's Blemish Fighting Serum, I immediately massage my acne and wrinkle reducer into my skin.


Once I apply my Murad, my skin begins to sort of "glow!" Yes, it's slick and feels stickier than before, but the shine it emits can't be beat! And because I have naturally oily skin, throughout the day my face gets even shinier!!! Do I mind? Nah! It comes with the territory of healing my skin. Plus, oily skin combined with serums and wrinkle reducer creams that BOTH have salicylic acid makes looking 22 a reality everyday! (Just call me "Oil-Slick Young Looking Chick!") ;)

But before I continue digressing about how young I think I look, I wanted to mention one more awesome thing about Murad. In addition to fighting off acne, this cream also boosts your skin's elasticity with cool age-defying ingredients like Kombocha Collagen and glycolic acid. Both of these mixed in with retinol help crank up the skin cell turnover speed while putting your fine lines into high drive!

Am I happy with my results? Certainly! Would I recommend Murad to you? Of course!


The Fountain of Truth

Honestly, we all have our struggles with acne and blemishes - not to mention the fact that wrinkles are pretty much inevitable at some point in our lives. I do believe in organic and preventive care that show real results while helping us look and feel our very best, however. Will these products work for you the same as they did for me? I surely hope so, but if they falter and don't show you the results you'd hoped to see, don't give up! :) Continue eating healthy, dabbling in different products, and letting your light shine from within! Make it shine so bright that even my oily skin gets jealous! ;) I love you all!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ♥