Why Your Face is Breaking Out | How to Fix It

My mommy told me to give y'all a break on the reading and give y'all some visuals instead! Therefore, I've decided to be nice and attach some pics and my YT video below! But before you go scrolling down and clicking on it like crazy, hear me out...errr...read me out!

African Black Soap - Shea Moisture

Clear Acne using African Black Soap.jpg

I absolutely LOVE this stuff! It took around 3 weeks before I started to see any real change, but the results since (as long as I continue living a pretty organic/holistic and healthful lifestyle) have been PHENOMENAL! As those pictures depict below, I had adult acne - as prescribed by my dermatologist. Not only was the acne troublesome, but also the scarring as well.

shea moisture african black soap cures acne.jpg
african black soap cures acne.jpg
african black soap acne cure.jpg

Throughout my video, I explain how I went through many trials and tribulations of trying SO many different products and even prescribed meds as well, yet NONE of them worked. Or if they did work, it was only for so long, then I'd be right back where I started. :(

cure acne using african black soap.jpg
cure cystic acne using african black soap.jpg

Then I found this holy grail of a product and I haven't been the same since!

cured my acne using shea moisture african black soap.jpg

However, without further adieu, go ahead and click on that vid below! I'm sure it will help TONS! :)


Remember to Live Life, Beautifully