Liprechaun Lippies

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Kiss Me! I'm Irish! ☘

On second thought, don't kiss me at all! Because I'm not Irish? NO! Because Kix tastes better than Lucky Charms? TRY AGAIN! It's simply because the sensuous act makes a mess of my liquid matte lippies and no pot of gold can replace a smudge!

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So despite whatever Punxsutawney Phil said, Spring is vastly approaching  which translates to booty shorts on beaches, streaks of Sun-In, spray tans, and Greek life galore! Basically, Spring Break season is upon us, and so I've been told, is actually more fun when its celebrated during the week of St. Patty's Day. Therefore, Shimmy's here to feature her favorite matte lippies to get your puckers prepared!

Lend me your ears (ummm eyes) and let's get started!

Crimson Touch and Rosewood - Flower Cosmetics Miracle Matte Liquid Lip

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I'm pretty convinced that if you bottled up a tropical sunset, these matte lippies would be the end result. Worthy of free drinks and a pot of gold, this red-hot-flame and camel creme are sure to command loads of attention while helping you look your absolute best! Shop the shenanigans here!

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Brownie and Peanut Brittle - Kiss New York Professional 

Nothing says sweet tooth quite like a box of Lucky Charms or maybe this chocolate mousse of a matte lippie! And who knew I'd find her in my local beauty supply amongst all the latest wigs. If you ask me, Brownie takes the cake!

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Pairing Brownie with Peanut Brittle looks better than it tastes for sure. Creating the perfect nude, this duo packs a pucker punch as you scour the sand dunes for your 4-leaf clover! Satisfy your sweet tooth here

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Crown Me - Lip Bar

I-rish I had known about this Black Owned Business a lot sooner! I've been to the ends of the rainbow and back little did I know Lip Bar (now sold in Target) was there the entire time - selling the most polychromatic reds, blues, and pinkish-purple hues - sure to match any swimming suit!

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Thankfully, after an Irish coffee or two and a bit of research, I stumbled upon Melissa's mattes and I've been falling ever since! Get shamrocked here!


So what's next? Well, besides stealing the Leprechaun's gold to purchase the matte lippies with, I guess all that's left to do is enjoy Spring, St. Paddy's Day, and all of the festivities in between! Leave your Spring Break plans below!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully