Best Nude Nail Polish for Mocha-Cocoa Cuties

Bump having pencils with miniature trolls on top, & those mechanical #2's...forget about it! :) At my elementary school, you were only a member of the Kewl Kid Krew if your folders had unicorns, purple cats, and pink pups frolicking on the cover! In other words, you HAD to own Lisa Frank everything!!!! :D

loreal color riche collection.png

I know y'all remember how pretty her pencils, notebooks, & markers were! From the glitter, to the vibrant hues, my classmates couldn't help but stare! In fact, if my imaginative memory serves me correctly, I recall being the envy of all of my peers as I used my chromatic utensils to ace my long division exams! Even now, in my calculus and econometric courses, I continuously take all of my notes on the most vivid of tablets despite her franchise no longer being available. But let's face it, as much as we adore our intense pigments and saturated colors on our clothes, shoes, & school supplies too, rocking nudes & neutrals can give us JUST as much satisfaction, if not more, if we do it right! ;)

L'Oreal, a brand I'm becoming more familiar with as times goes on, has recently launched its Color Riche Collection sporting your fave neutrals & nudes. These nudes range from soft russet browns and smokey grays to rose taupes & the milkiest of cocoas. The color I chose was Julianne's Nude even though I almost opted for Liya's Nude.

loreal color riche collection nail polish.png

Am I happy?

When am I not? :D This nude topped with Sally Hansen's Ultimate Shield Base & Top Coat team up to make the perfect shade for all brown NW43 beauties like myself!

Did it chip?

Barely - (in my "P-O-P Hold it Down" voice!)!! For 7 days I've been rocking this color & my nails still look polished & pristine! Good job L'Oreal! :)

Should y'all go get it?

With the quickness! Rush to you local Wally World, Walgreens, CVS, Rite get the drift...! But seriously, hurry & get this polish! Of course, tell them Shimmy sent ya and do enjoy!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully