Best Plant-Powered Deodorant | Myro

I don’t bathe everyday and that’s okay.

I only want the purest ingredients entering my body and that’s also okay.

I care about my plastic footprint and that’s okay too.

That’s why, with the help of Myro Deodorant, I’m able to keep my hygienic habits, preserve my planet and my body, and smell great while doing so all at the expense of a few bucks.

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Myro - Best Plant-Powered Deodorant

It’s like they knew me - as if the natural deodorant gods led them my way! I was absolutely thrilled to be contacted by Myro in order to not only try out their uh-mazing plant powered and environmentally conscious deodorant, but also provide plenty of details about how freaking awesome it is as well - meaning I’m about to try my best to convince you to purchase some so we can smell provocatively alluring together!

Now if you’ve been following me for some time, you’d recall that I’ve been a perpetual wearer of natural deodorant for about 2 years now. My go-to has always been Crystal’s Mineral Deodorant, and up until now, it's served its purpose. My only qualm has been that its ingredient list includes aluminum in the forms of both potassium and ammonium alum. They tout that these mineral based ingredients aren’t absorbed by your skin, but science hasn’t proved that factual as of yet…bummer, right? Well, that’s why Myro Deodorant swooped in like a sweat-knixxing savior and saved the leak-proof day.

Cruelty-Free. Aluminum-Free. Paraben-Free. Gluten-Free.

And vegan too.

Loaded with only natural plant-based ingredients, Myro is powered by bacteria-neutralizing citrus, probiotics, and hints of sage all packaged in 50% less plastic than your typical antiperspirants. Mission-minded and focused on responsibly preserving our planet, Myro set the standard by not only creating a deodorant free of toxic and chemically enhanced ingredients, but also a deodorant that’s packaged in refillable pods that can be recycled, thus making smelling and doing good possible.

To top it all off, Myro also offers subscriptions which saves on gas-emissions (it’s like they’ve thought of EVERYTHING!). With their subscriptions, you are able to order refills for your deodorant case so you never run out. They are delivered in recycled boxes and are only sent when you need them, so your bathroom countertops are never too full. In case you need to delay a refill, cancel an order, or make a return, Myro makes it super easy with no strings attached. It’s like commitment with no prenup!

Did it Work?

So I’ve told you all the deets, now it’s time to truly spill the beans on how I personally liked the product.

First things first - I was able to sweat. There’s nothing I appreciate more than being able to sweat out my toxins without foul odors to follow and Myro provided that experience for me. Since I bathe about 4 times a week (don’t judge), workout on the regular and walk my dog daily, I was really anxious to see just how much I’d sweat and smell while using the product, yet to my surprise, it was very minimal. Like I said, I definitely did sweat (which our bodies SHOULD do), but the stench wasn’t present which made it bearable to be round me!

How did it smell?

The scent I chose was Pillow Talk. With faint releases of fresh violet on a bed of blushy ylang ylang and amyris, this fragrance compliments your microbiome and shamelessly emits intimacy and pushes all the right buttons to prompt any late night chatter. Pillow Talk is very balmy and not overbearing so there’s no need to worry about your clothes harboring the scent and/or smelling it constantly throughout your day.

Final Thoughts?

Overall, to say I’m impressed by Myro would be an utter understatement. It’s an absolutely wonderful product that makes me feel, smell, and DO good for my body and environment. Knowing that my contribution to their company helps reduce the damage I’ve previously caused, helps me sleep at night and lets me know I’m doing my part. It’s like I’m Captain Planet!

That being said, go grab your Myro Deodorant and become a planeteer like me! I pinky promise you won’t regret it! Click here for access!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ❤️

I’d like to send a huge virtual hug over to Myro. Thanks for choosing little ole me to receive AND review your product. You have a patron for life!