Jade Stone Facial Roller | Revlon

I’ve been meditating and aligning my crystals for the longest, yet NEVER did I think they’d be useful for rolling on my face though…

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Nothing brightens my day more than my mother sneaking off to “run errands” only to return with a jade roller to make me as refined and radiant as she is! It simply makes me burst beauty from the inside with hopes that I’ll be as pretty on the out! In other words, I’m basically a beauty care bear! Therefore, quite excitedly and with much haste, I immediately unpackaged my new beaut and got to rolling…little did I know there’s a science to it and that if done incorrectly, all havoc could break loose!

Anxious to see if my face would “depuff” and be so stimulated that I’d look 12 by the time the Democratic debate was over, I began rocking and ROLLING! That’s right, bare-faced and all. My face was dry as a bone with no emollients in sight! Did I mention it was dry? Yeahhhhh…so with the quickness, I got to rolling on my freshly clean yet aridly dry face. And when I say “rolling,” I mean I was rolling…like Wiz Khalifa on a Friday night! I’m talking rig-or-ously!

As it turns out, this is NOT how it’s supposed to be done! 1st off, rolling during a debate kind of defeats the purpose as the constant bickering and Spanglish attempts do nothing but age you quicker than the candidates who take office; 2nd of all, rolling with vigor happens to rupture surface capillaries causing imminent scarring during the healing process; and lastly, gliding any object on a thirsty surface is just plain stupid! It’s practically like ice skating on rocks (extreme example, but you catch my drift)!

Needless to say, I woke up in pain and no, I didn’t look 12! Instead, I looked sore, scorned, and scathed! All I could do was dig my claws into my face with hopes of relieving the excruciating pain left behind. Of course, that didn’t work!

Since the blunder; however, I’ve managed to find the gumption to use the culprit again! This time around I used my Pacifica Super Flower facial oil with it which helped in more ways than one - it hydrated and replenished my skin with essential vitamins to maintain its suppleness and it provided a lubricative barrier protecting my skin from all potential abrasions (caused by me!).

A small tweak such as this has made a world of a difference! I actually enjoy my roller and now use it every night. Unfortunately, I STILL don’t look 12 (more like 19), but I’m hopeful nonetheless!

Come get your roll on with me and Wiz Khalifa by clicking here. You’ll be high and happy you did! ;)

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ❤️

Thanks, Ma! Love you to the moon and back!