GrandeLash MD and Sunday Riley's Luna Sleeping Night Oil

“I want my eyelashes to touch my eyebrows” said no girl ever in 2002.

Boy, how times have changed!

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There used to be a time where a pink and green bottle of Maybelline’s iconic mascara would suffice. Add some black eyeliner, and you’re pretty much good to go. And if you REALLY wanted to be fancy, smudging the eyeliner to create a “smokey eye” would do ya good. Now you can’t step foot outdoors without someone having the wispiest flutters like any Serengeti giraffe. Top those with any Pat McGrath palette, and it’s like you’re on the red carpet for Pete’s sake!

Usually, these folks have on eyelash strips (both affordable and reusable), but more often than not, they are forking over the cash for professional installments. Ranging from around $150 for the initial treatment and touch-ups being anywhere between $50-75, the costs can get pretty steep - not to mention risking losing your own lashes in the process. Thankfully, there IS an alternative!

GrandeLash MD’s Lash Enhancing Serum

Undoubtedly, my favorite Sephora product to date, GrandeLash’s serum is THE. BEST. All jokes aside, this product has grown my lashes to the point where women AND men (who are obviously unobservant) compliment my lashes while inquiring if they are fake or not. Sparse areas have filled in, the length is outta this world, and the fullness created simply take my lashes to an entirely different level (click here to purchase NOW!). 

Keep in mind, you have to give the product a whopping 3 months to see any real results, but once you hit that 3 month mark, you’ll know it (as will others). Be sure to be consistent by using it daily each night too (a single swipe of this transparent goldmine goes a long way). Now that I’ve been using mine for a little over 7 months now, my frequency of use has decreased, but I remain consistent nonetheless.

I never took a before and after photo (chastise me later), but believe me when I tell you, my lashes look phenomenal - and I mean phenomenal as in they look great with and without my two coveted mascaras! Yes, the price is steep (chastise me about that later too), but I pinky swear it’s worth it. WORTH. IT. In fact, if there was a product not worth the price I paid, it has to be Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil...

Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Talk about disappointment...this oil takes the cake. 

Now y’all know I’m pretty complimentary when it comes to anything I speak on; however, for once, I really don’t have too much to say about this one here. Besides the fact that it’s a manufactured by a beauty brand that’s reputable and has been around for awhile, this product missed the mark.

It’s supposed to be a night oil intended to reduce fine lines and moisturize while you slumber and dream of Bieber, but I found it did nothing of the sort. Instead, it sat atop my face (never truly absorbing), irritated my eyes, and damaged my pillow cases! 

Did I see a reduction in fine lines? Did I look 12? Did my face even feel slightly moisturized? Sadly, no. But eh, at least I got to live and tell ya about it while saving you a buck or two in the process! If you’d still like to check out this product, click here. Everyone didn’t have my same reaction, and perhaps you won’t either!

In the meantime, keep being beautiful and batting those lashes, Shimmies! More product reviews are coming your way!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ❤️