Black Girl Tries Japanese Beauty Products

Let’s be real - how many of you truly try the samples Sephora stuffs in your bag of goodies? Yeah, I’m usually the same way - I let them sit on my counters for all eternity or until I have to make room for more!

skin inc vitamin serums.JPG

This go ‘round was different, however. Albeit, it took me awhile to go ahead and try my sample sized Skin Inc. Supplement Bar serums, I still tried them nonetheless.

Barely reading the fine print, I glanced over the directions, washed my face, and rubbed a few drops of each onto my dampened skin, hoping for a miracle. I did this for about 4 days before I clamored to my mom about how much I needed more.

You see, Skin Inc. touts itself as an au-naturale Japanese beauty brand dedicated to tailoring their products to the experiences of each individual user. The company realizes that most, if not all, of us have combination skin that is either porous, dry, and acne-proned, or blemished, oily, and uneven. Because of this, they make specialized serums that can combat these issues and loads more.

Similar to a game of Old Maid, after taking their skin identity “quiz,” the results match you with the serums best suited for your needs. Simply place them in your shopping cart and look forward to looking as flawless as the girls in the Glossier ads!

Usually, it’s suggested that you purchase all 3 recommended serums once the quiz is complete. Then you are to combine them into one bottle (included with purchase) for easy dispensing. But don’t feel obligated to do all of that. Purchasing one or two or even four serums is perfectly fine for your face and their revenue! ;)

skin inc daily dose.JPG

My areas of concerns as it pertains to my skin, include oiliness, blemishes, and unevenness. Therefore, my results recommended that I use the following:

  • Vitamin A Serum - regenerates and evens skin tone

  • Vitamin C Serum - rebalances and controls oil

  • Vitamin B3 Serum - rescues and improves skin texture

Unfortunately, I can’t attest to these individually due to me using them collectively each morning and evening. I can, instead, let you know that I have seen vast improvements in the look and feel of my skin, however! Even now, after every use, my skin feels softer and more supple. Yes, I’m still oily, so I’m guessing Vitamin C ain’t doing its job, but I emit radiance nonetheless!

As you can see, from the practically emptied vials, I’m not raving “just cause.” I swear by these bad boys as they are probably my ultimate fave products I’ve EVER purchased from Sephora in quite some time. In other words, I will be repurchasing and with the quickness too!

Have you tried any Japanese beauty brands? If so, list them below…Skin Inc. and others are gradually replacing my American beauty products and I couldn’t be happier!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ♥